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If you’re a Leasing Professional, when your phone rings it’s probably a resident or a potential resident calling. Statistically speaking, four out of five first contacts come to us as phone calls, and four out of five signed leases start off that way. In plain language, this means that how well you handle every call has an overwhelming impact on your closing ratio … MORE of an impact than how you handle any other first contact with a potential customer. And even if you think you already have a great handle on phone skills, consider that today’s caller has access to a full array of added technology options thanks to smartphones, changing the game when it comes to what’s possible when that first phone call occurs.

So how might your telephone-to-traffic-and ultimately your closing ratio-be affected if you got better and smarter at turning calls into visits with less lost opportunities, and taking full advantage of all the new possibilities out there that can give you a killer competitive edge?  How much more effective could every tour be if it’s built on a flawless first impression and a phone experience that has already set you head and shoulders above the competition?  The answer is that your closing ratio can SKYROCKET, and your presentations can be out-of-this-world successful … if you just know how to use the telephone with every advantage available to you today!

Join us for this FREE Special Feature, led by two of our industry’s most renowned leasing experts, Toni Blake and Tami Siewruk.


  • Engage your telephone customer with a new series of high-powered telephone interview questions, strategies and tools designed to convert telephone calls to leases.
  • Make best use of technology to communicate with GenY and other tech-savvy consumers through links, photos, videos, and other informative online resources.
  • Discover and use fantastic visual tools including areal maps, walkscores, and local Facebook fan pages that create an unforgettable telephone presentation.
  • And more!

Spend just one hour with two of our industry’s top leasing experts and gain a new set of innovative, career-changing skills and techniques that are proven to increase revenue and put YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY at the top of the shopping list! Register now, FREE, gather the Leasing Team together to watch this LIVE presentation, then watch the closing ratios soar!

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