LIVE Encore on Monday!

HUNDREDS TUNED IN to the first broadcast of this amazing program and RAVED about all that they learned!

“Thank you both for a wonderful presentation! I love, LOVE, LOVED the idea of ___________and sending it to a person as a follow up. I also love the idea of using __________________…” – Michelle Fording

“I love the _______ idea! I have already _________________for my property and posted it to our Facebook page. Love it … now on to try some other great ideas.” – Vicki Bishop

Great show yesterday! Thank you for the cool ________tips and______. I will share them with my fellow colleagues. – Katia Nedeva

Those are just a few of the great ideas you might have missed, but DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE TWICE! Toni and Tami are broadcasting this career-changing show …



2:00-3:00 pm Eastern!

How you handle every call has an overwhelming impact on your closing ratio … more than how you handle any other first contact with a potential resident. Even if you think you have a handle on phone skills, consider that today’s caller has access to a full array of added technology options thanks to smart- phones, changing the game when it comes to what’s possible over the phone. Join two of our industry’s most renowned leasing experts and find out how your closing ratio can SKYROCKET by using every advantage available to you today!


  • Engage your telephone customer with a new series of high-powered telephone interview questions, strategies and tools designed to convert telephone calls to leases.
  • Make the best use of technology to communicate with GenY and other tech-savvy consumers through links, photos, videos, and other informative online resources.
  • Discover and use fantastic visual tools including aerial maps, walkscores, and local Facebook fan pages that create an unforgettable telephone presentation … and more!

In just one hour you’ll gain a new set of innovative, career-changing skills, tools, and techniques that will increase revenue and put YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY at the top of the shopping list! Register now and pay only $29.95 for as many viewers as you can fit around a screen! Gather the Leasing Team together to watch this LIVE broadcast, and watch closing ratios soar!


You’ll get Tami’s Perfectly Optimized Performance System (P.O.P.S.) spreadsheet designed to automatically calculate your telephone-to-traffic and email-to-traffic conversion ratios!


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