Introducing the Multifamily ProZone!

Dear Friends,

We’re excited to announce our new social community especially for Multifamily Professionals!

Multifamilypro’s ProZone places you in the powerful, online, intellectual center of our industry where you can get connected with other professionals and collaborate, communicate, share knowledge, gain insight, and create. The ProZone is power-packed with tools including video chat with both play and record functions, topical forums, specialized groups, regularly scheduled events, messaging with both text and video, your own personal mailbox, multiple blogs, polls and surveys, collaborative whiteboards, video and photo sharing, and more! You can even go mobile with the ProZone iPhone and Android apps! Variable levels of sharing allow you to create a private community network for yourself; connect privately within your whole company; plug into an industry-wide community focused on a particular specialty; or connect with the whole multifamily industry. The ProZone connects people, whole companies, and communities with the most powerful resources in our industry-each other. Get into the ProZone and Get Connected, now!

ProZone is BRAND NEW, and we’re inviting you to help us populate this exciting new community with the most forward-thinking Multifamily Professionals in our industry!

Become a member of the ProZone today at:

We’ll see you online!

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