When I start a consulting job, I always start with three basic concepts that lead me to a profitable outcome for my clients.  Reviewing a communities team members, financial management and potential innovation requires G.A.B.

Growth-The primary measure of our success is our ability to consistently grow our profits.  Many opportunities exist today and most of these are with our current residents and clients.  These customers want us to deliver quality and value for their rental dollars, and continue to build, acquire, and keep clean, manicured quality communities.  We must listen to our customers, understand their needs and wants, and provide more of the service they desire.  As we do this, we will discover the vehicles that provide growth beyond today’s base business.  This growth will in turn provide personal growth opportunities for all team members.

Accountability-One concern in our business today is a lack of accountability.  Our business is not complicated.  Job duties and responsibilities are well defined.  What is missing is consistent follow-up and measurement against expectations. As team members, we must expect more accountability and ownership from each other, throughout our business.

Better Business-Finally, we need to find business models that result in a more efficient business.  The good thing about this is that there are many great ideas already out there! We just have to start looking at other industries outside multifamily housing.  From Marriott Hotel’s “We cleaned in here for you too” Tri-card, Selling Power Magazine’s “Take Ownership” exercises, to Disney’s “Bump the Lamp” theory of paying attention to detail & going the extra mile.  We have to channel these ideas, identify the best practices, and implement the process across the board, in order to truly run a better business.

GAB-It’s worth talking about!

  • Dare to be different and take risks into areas where your competitors fear to go!

  • Challenge yourself and your team members to think creatively for product and service innovation.

  • Be accountable for superior performance.

  • Have fun at work!  When you are happy at work and enjoy what you do, customers are pleased in return.

  • Encouraging obsessive attention to the finest details and modeling a culture of continuous innovation builds a reputation for superior performance.

With G.A.B., pride and performance will set you apart from the competition.  This pride and performance is what inspires your team members to do great things for your customers.  This in turn inspires our customer’s confidence in our commitment to them.  If you use this model and work toward doing great things for your customers through effective selling and outstanding service performance, your future will be bright!

Don’t Miss Terri’s Show on MproTV.

MultifamilyprotvTerri L. Euchner has been in the Multihousing industry in Arizona since 1983. Ms. Euchner has held such positions as Portfolio Director for a diverse group of communities including new development, Director of Marketing & Education and Vice President of Operations, as well as business owner. She was also a publisher for a national publication specializing in the marketing and advertising for the apartment industry.

Ms. Euchner attended the Universal Academy for Music in Princeton, New Jersey, where she studied music and visited Europe on vocal tour. This is where she discovered her ability to capture and stimulate an audience. Turning the “arts” into “business arts”, she began her career in property management with the same enthusiasm and passion as she had on stage.

Ms. Euchner put her “arts” to work in 2003 with her own company, becoming a local and national trainer and speaker. She provided training, marketing, branding, focus groups and motivational speaking events. Ms. Euchner has addressed groups and conventions nationwide. In 2005 Ms. Euchner co-founded Sullens & Euchner, a multifamily housing management company in Scottsdale Arizona specializing in apartment fee management, apartment renovation and asset review.

Ms. Euchner currently is the founder of Euchner Performance Enterprises, LLC.  EPE is a business services company helping to maximize the performance of multifamily housing companies and provides national speaking, training and consulting.

Ms. Euchner is also a member of the Arizona Multihousing Association as a member of the Board of Directors, Chair of the Communications Committee and Trainer for the National Apartment Leasing Professional Program. She presently holds an Arizona Real Estate License and is a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management and the National Association of Realtors and has her LIHTC Certification.  Most recently Ms. Euchner was invited into the “Cambridge Who’s Who” Registry and blogs for Multifamily Insider Magazine.

Ms. Euchner enjoys spending time with her family, writing, hiking and traveling. She is currently working on her first fiction novel that aspires to be a successful thriller.

Management: Onsite Style

Running a property is often more than a full-time job … running your onsite team can be a handful, too. Put them together and most Onsite Managers and Assistant Managers find themselves doing double duty more often than they should. The good news is that a few fresh skills and adjustments to your management style can set you—and your team—free from needless friction and on the road to better working relationships, more productive days, and more successful and satisfying careers. This series will show you how in twelve supercharged, management style-enhancing episodes including: a style self-assessment that measures your management style awareness and abilities; the difference between doing the right thing and doing things right; leaders vs. managers; styles of leading and learning; going from good to great; the elements of inspiration; learning to listen and listening to learn; the language of leadership; teambuilding in the onsite environment; negotiating and problem-solving for teammates; instilling a spirit of innovation in your team culture; and a season finale that will revisit your self-assessment to show how much you’ve learned and grown!


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