A variety of opportunities are available for you to reach our audience members with messages about your products and services!

Each hour of LIVE programming sets aside 1 minute of commercial time for the sponsor which can be integrated into the program on the broadcast end (provided by you in advance and presented by the host as an integrated part of the show), or presented by your representative via live remote (we’ll “throw” the show to your webcam for one minute of the broadcast).

Additionally, your products/services will be mentioned by the host(s), your logo will be included on every slide whenever presentations are shown (standard in all pay-per-view training broadcasts); and a full-page ad will be included in the series of workbooks/handouts (one Adobe Acrobat workbook layout per episode is standard for each pay-per-view training event – Attendees are free to print and distribute however many they need for their viewing site).

Contests, prizes, and other giveaways to our audience members are welcome and encouraged! If we’re conducting your commercial for you, please send us samples of actual products that we can discuss and demonstrate and then give away to our audience members. If you’re conducting your own commercial, you’re welcome and encouraged to do the same. Certificates for free services can be used in lieu of a physical product.

Non-Paid Programing: Two sponsors will be placed per show and two commercials per episode which is an hour of programming. The sponsorships carry over and are included in all reruns should the show go into reruns.

Paid Programing: Only ONE sponsor will be placed per show and one commercial per episode which is an hour of programming. The sponsorships carry over and are included in all reruns should the show go into reruns.

Select from:

Show Sponsorship – $2400 per show

Choose to exclusively sponsor a complete show/series of programs (12-episodes), and receive repeated promotion of your products/services in each hour of programming for that entire series! Choosing Show Sponsorship increases exposure to that show’s specific audience, providing the best possible opportunity to either repeat or expand upon your message and very effectively impress your brand upon the minds of that show’s group of viewers; and associate your company with a specific type of content that you feel is the best fit for your brand.

Episode Sponsorship – $400 per episode

Choose to sponsor a single episode of the show of your choice, and receive exclusive promotion of your products/services in that hour of programming! Choosing Episode Sponsorship allows you to selectively and flexibly reach our audience of viewers at large; so you can associate your brand with more than one type of content; diversify your reach; and associate your company and brand with programming on a variety of topics rather than a single one.

For more information or to select your opportunity call 727-784-9469 or email info at multifamilyprotv.com

Host and Sponsor Your Own Show!

Sponsors may also broadcast their own show on MultifamilyproTV for a low annual cost of only $2400, and receive 30 minutes of airtime per month for access to our broadcast system. We’ll promote your show as part of our lineup so that it’s available to our entire audience base, and you can broadcast on the topic of your choice (with approval of MProTV), including  infomercials about your products and services!

Present an Infomercial!


If you’re looking for something in-between a commercial and hosting your own show, an infomercial is just the thing!  For only $500, you can purchase 15 minutes of airtime to present your product or service.  Your infomercial will be listed on our schedule so that it’s visible to our entire audience base; and unlike a regular TV network, MproTV’s broadcasting system allows you to interact with viewers without them having to be physically in the studio!  You can take questions and comments from the viewing audience nationwide through our live Text Chat module, and even poll the audience on specific features/benefits while the infomercial is underway, and you can even survey them afterward!  15 minutes to capture attention and communicate with your customers and future customers from coast-to-coast at only $500?!?  Priceless!