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You know all those great little tricks—the ones like how to add links and images to your email signature file or creating a video email that gets referrals—that everybody else seems to know, but you haven’t figured out yet? This is the show for you! Each fast-paced episode will walk you step-by-step through a quick, 15-minute “how to” that will leave you with a brand new skill, strategy or shortcut! Hosted by a variety of skilled people.

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See It. Hear It. Do It. Details

  • Length: 15 minutes

Episode Guide

Register Here Episode Twelve –  Starring Deb Bronson-McGrath of Trailblazer: Discover True Solutions – Increasing Your New Residents Satisfaction Level – Housewarming

Unlock the potential and amp up the positive impact of increasing resident satisfaction at move-in.  Tune in while we explore a practical strategy designed to make it easy for you to satisfy new residents and to create a meaningful welcome for them.  We’ll also touch on whether a gift waiting in the apartment or handing out a packet with area information during lease signing is viewed the way you had hoped it would be.

Previous Episodes

Episode Two – Starring Terri Norvell of Leadership: Further Your Performance Topic:  INCREASE RESULTS NOW!

If you are looking for ONE simple management technique that will almost guarantee increased results from each team member … you will want to tune into this episode. Simple and easy to do is a winning combination. It’s the powerful One-on-One dialog system that will set both you and each team member up to succeed. Yes, you can learn it in only 15 minutes. And the impact will be long lasting throughout your organization. Clients are seeing amazing increased performance results … you will be very pleased that you did and so will your teams!

Episode Three –  Starring Tiffany Yelverton of The Science of Marketing – Techno-Savvy Marketing using QR Codes

Register Here Episode Four –  Starring Jackie Ramstedt, CAPS, CAM, CAS, Host of Everything. Everyday!How To Better Market Your Target Units

No matter how many apartments you may have at any given time, remembering exactly “what that particular unit looks like” can be challenging. In order to help create those crucial mental pictures on the phone as well as preparing for demonstration of that unit with your next prospect,  you need to have a clear picture of what is the” marketing advantage” of this particular apartment’s location, unique size, interior amenities, color scheme, flooring, parking proximities, etc. Whether utilizing a smart phone app or creating an Excel spreadsheet, matching “prospect needs with product advantages is the key to closing the sale!

Register Here Episode Five Starring Rebecca Rosario of Multicultural Race for Marketplace

Register Here Episode Six – “Listening” to Social Media Channels Starring Scott Ellis of Multifamily Online

We’ll take a quick look at advanced search techniques and how to set up a listening station so you can quickly, easily and automatically gather information that’s relevant to you. This is a huge time saver for most people and can typically be set up in 30 – 60 minutes.
Register Here Episode Seven –  Starring Jen Piccotti and Doug Miller of The Retention Report – The Cost of Turnover
Register Here Episode Eight –   Starring Charity Hisle of New Media Now – How to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

Register Here Episode Nine – – Starring Lori Snider of Multifamily MOJO Maker  – Offering the Alternative Perspective – Answering Objections

REGISTER HERE Episode Ten –  Starring Terri Euchner of Management: Onsite Style – Enhancing your team spirit with 10 ways to have fun working together!

Register Here Episode Eleven –  Starring Rebecca Rosario of Multicultural Race for Marketplace (Topic To Be Announced)