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LEASING @ CURRENT MARKET RENTS Starring Toni Blake and Tami Siewruk

“I just wanted you and Toni and everyone else to know how our lives have been effected in such a positive way since  Episode One.  We immediately raised our rents (without telling anyone) and have leased more this week than last.  We’ve had  8 leases as of today (last week only 2) and we still have Saturday & Sunday left.  This is just what the doctor ordered.  My staff is pumped.  We are certainly looking forward to  Episode Two.  Keep it coming…  Thank you so much for revitalizing my staff.” – Megan Kapijimpanga, Community Manager, Village Crossing at Chino Hills

“I do so enjoy the presentations, and I always, always learn new ideas.  Toni and Tami are quite a team.   Tell them this is such valuable training they are providing for such a reasonable cost.  Our managers who are signed up for it really have been enjoying and learning.” – Naomi Gordon, Stratford Management

“This is a great series. Thank you, Toni and Tami.” – Kristine Hibbard, Brookstone Realty Management

For many Multifamily Leasing Professionals, leasing has become synonymous with concessions.  Concessions definitely have their time and place, but it’s important to see them for what they really are—not just tools that reliably help close leases, but real deductions from the profits that our owners expect and that every Multifamily Professional should be able to achieve!  Instead of focusing on leasing WITH concessions, this series focuses on arming you WITH a whole set of proven skills, strategies, resources and more, proven by years of success to help you close more leases at current market rents. What would you say if we told you that you can learn how to lease without concessions, personally, from two of our industry’s most experienced authorities on leasing? Thanks to MultifamilyproTV, you can! Join Toni Blake and Tami Siewruk right on your own computer or smart phone screen for as little as $25 per lesson for your entire team! We’re talking years of combined leasing knowledge and real life experience delivered straight to you. Never has such amazing and targeted learning been so fast, easy, and affordable, or the return on investment for your career and community been so HUGE!

In 12, one-hour episodes, you will: Learn how to Lease without concessions @ current market rents,right from your own computer or smartphone screen for as little as $17.50 an episode; Establish a solid foundation of skills that will have you closing more leases immediately. Build trust and exude credibility for stronger and more profitable relationships with your future residents; Learn hundreds of leasing tips, tactics, strategies and techniques that are guaranteed to attract today’s consumer’s and work in today’s market conditions; Lease smart and with unmistakable confidence … at Fair Market Rents … using more than 237 tools! Celebrate a measurable increase in your lead to traffic and closing ratios; Replace frustration with continual inspiration! Master the best practices of leasing to reach your goals and set the bar higher … far beyond what you previously thought possible; Fall in love with how great it feels to lease confidently and skillfully without incentives and concessions!

AND IT’S 100% GUARANTEED! If your confidence and closing ratio have not increased after viewing all 12 episodes and completing and passing the associated tests and follow-up exercises, we’ll refund 100% of your subscription fee for this series! You have nothing to lose and Perfectly Optimized Performance to gain!

PLUS, in this season, we’re building on the amazing content of this series with another series designed to work hand-in-hand with it:  Retention & Renewals @ Current Market Rents, with each episode airing immediately after an episode of THIS series, so you can subscribe to BOTH at special savings and watch both a Leasing and Retention & Renewals episode LIVE with Toni & Tami on each air date!

Leasing@Current Market Rents Details

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 Episode One – Watch Recording Anytime – Overview of Leasing @ Current Market Rents

Over the past years, several different leasing approaches and philosophies have come and gone. Our industry has changed; the economy has changed—and more importantly—so have the people we serve. This episode will inspire leasing teams to achieve higher performance levels by understanding the relationship strategies that are needed to help people find a new home.  Learn how attitude, character, successful habits and drive for excellence can lease more apartments without concessions at current market rents. The economy has turned and rents are going up. The best leasing teams are driving the market, pushing rents, increasing revenue, maximizing advertising dollars and creating a positive financial impact on every asset they are assigned. This 12 week workshop will include economic data on national rents increases, show attendees how this should affect leasing performance and the understanding and inspiration needed to lease at currents market rents. It’s time to stop leasing concessions and start leasing great places to live.

Episode Two – Watch Recording Anytime – Setting the Stage

Future Residents Meet Your Leasing Center Before They Meet You! This Episode Includes establishing a “YES” leasing environment advanced staging for a welcome center and redefines the product. Attendees will learn how to utilize “Collaborative Marketing” and decision-making tools to expand the leasing cycle. Learn how to prepare your leasing environment to achieve currents market rents. Toni will share over 65 ways to lease an apartment without saying a word along with FREE merchandising tools and how to use them.

Episode Three –  Handling the Future Resident Inquiry

Leasing @ Current Market Rents is a leasing process that begins with—and actually revolves around—the future resident’s desire for information about your community. Think of each of those steps as forming a pyramid. Step one, handling the future resident inquiry, is the foundation of the structure. In this episode we will build a solid foundation by understanding the relationship between the future resident and the leasing professional and the value /cost of each inquiry. Learn how to easily stay on top of every inquiry using successful habits, organization and highly effective communication tools.

Episode Four  Meeting and Greeting

This episode you will master the advanced diplomacy behind establishing a relationship with the future resident, beginning with learning how to “read” your future resident then build step-by-careful-step toward a market rate lease.  Studies have shown that if you treat a future resident who approaches you by mirroring their attitudes and behaviors, your closing rate will probably be somewhere between 25 and 30%; but if you know what approaches are proven to work with (and not merely in imitation of) their attitudes and behaviors, you can conceivably close 100%! We’ll give you the knowledge and skills you need to bring that goal within reach!

Episode Five – Qualifying

How to Resist the Temptation to Qualify Without Addressing Needs. This episode teaches a simple transitional technique that leads the way to asking the 7 perfect questions that inspire the future residents to tell their “story” along with the details about what they want and need in their new apartment—the details you need to close that lease! Learn how to start an engaging conversation that opens up the future resident to share the “inside story” allowing you to fully customize the presentation with meaningful moments, qualify most effectively, and achieve currents market rents with relative ease!

Episode Six – Presenting Your Apartments and Community

In this episode, you’ll learn to use proven, successful tour path decision-making analysis and strategies; how to create and use the Apartment Marketing Kit—a uniquely fresh approach to amenities and features of the apartment and community; and more!

Episode Seven  Gaining Agreement

In this episode, you’ll learn how to artfully support the decision making process and help each customer to make a fully informed decision; the huge role of integrity in gaining agreement; how to build powerful visual aids that support the future resident’s clarity in seeing the benefits of choosing your community; 40 “yes” questions and how to subtly guide conversations towards a “yes” decision; and 6 easy strategies for successfully gaining agreement and achieving currents market rents. 

Episode Eight  – Overcoming Objections

In this episode, you’ll learn how to effectively deal with virtually any conceivable objection, including popular ones like location, preference, and more; and even how to think on your feet, taking on less common objections with more confidence and better results. You’ll learn demonstration techniques that spotlight nonverbal objections and how to handle them; how to garner and use more detailed information, subtle persuasion, and proven negotiation tactics to convert a doubting looker into an excited new resident with our step-by-step guide to turning objections into leases!

Episode Nine  – Product Knowledge is the Ultimate Leasing Tool

Successful Leasing Professionals don’t just know the facts—they put the combined power of knowledge and understanding to work for them! Knowledge, when combined with a leasing approach that’s focused on the wants and needs of the future resident, can produce tremendous results. You’ll learn how to ply this powerful leasing approach and see immediate results.

Episode Ten – Exercise Your Leasing Skills

In Episode ten, you’ll experience over 20 skill-building exercises and be introduced to resources that will help you hone your conversation, persuasion and diplomacy skills.  Toni and Tami will lead you through fun and intriguing role-playing games, journaling assignments, and other exercises proven to hone your leasing skills and increase your confidence. You’ll learn how the most successful leasing professionals invest time in skill building and stay connected to resources that bring a content flow of fresh ideas.

Episode Eleven –  Contests, Incentives, and Other Great Reasons To Play Games At Work!

After so much work on your team’s leasing skills, you’re probably hoping that there’s a fun way to put all of this information to work for you and your team. Well, there are actually plenty of fun ways, and two of our industry’s most creative minds are going to share quite a few of their favorites in this episode including games, contests, and other fabulous resources to help you and your team achieve your goals! Success requires goals to be written out, placed where they can be seen, monitored daily, and rewarded often. Learn the 6 most important strategies.

Episode Twelve –  The Best of Best

The best and most effective way to learn and be inspired is BY EXAMPLE.  Toni & Tami will share detailed success stories from successful teams across the country so you can find out what others are doing with huge success and how, and put those same tips and techniques to work for you—right now. Gain invaluable insights that will equip you and your team to stay ahead of the next stage of leasing innovation and beat the competition before they even get a clue! See LIVE demonstrations of the most innovative technology and cutting-edge leasing presentation strategies in use today, and shaping the way we’ll lease in the future. What you don’t know can hurt you! They saved the BEST for last, and this episode is one you MUST attend!

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Meet Your Hosts

Toni Blake is an international speaker, author and comedienne. Having invested more than 28 years of her life in multifamily housing, she tours over 50 cities each year inspiring thousands of industry professionals. As an author, Toni’s expertise has been published in over 36 trade magazines across the country. She was selected by the National Apartment Association as one of the industry’s “Marketing Gurus” and is recognized for her research and innovative concepts in customer service, sales, and marketing. Toni was honored at the very first Multifamilypro “People’s Choice Awards” winning awards for Educational Excellence, Imagination and Innovation. Utilizing her multi-lingual talents, Toni was a featured speaker at the 2006 ISTA Conference in Kassel Germany, presenting IN GERMAN to an audience of over 260 German multifamily professionals. She is the president of and lives in Northern Colorado with her husband and two stepdaughters.

Tami Siewruk
Chief Imagination Officer, Multifamilypro and New Media Optimization Summits

Tami began leasing apartments in 1976, and has held leasing, marketing, management, and business development positions up to and including Vice President of Property Management.  Having begun her career on the front lines, she has maintained a career-long passion for staying connected to the day-to-day challenges faced by apartment professionals at every level, and for connecting them with the resources they need to succeed!  Her other guiding passion—and special talent—is for spotting trends, and framing them within the context of our industry to not only identify their implications to our future, but to spotlight ways that we can immediately begin capitalizing on them today.

Tami speaks not only from a rare level and breadth of real-world experience in all facets of property management, but also as an owner and developer of award winning apartment communities in four states. As President of Siewruk Development, she has completed a 192-unit apartment community in Austin, Texas; and in partnership with Conine Residential Group & The Huizinga Group, developed 305 units in Dallas, Texas. She currently has a small resort under construction in the Bahamas.

Her articles are widely available online and have appeared in a variety of industry publications including The Journal of Property Management, Units Magazine,  Urban Land Magazine and numerous State and Local Apartment Publications.

Tami is a co-author of NAHB’s highly successful book, How to Excel in Leasing Apartments, and the Certified Leasing Professional Course. She has served on Committees for RAM Digest, Certified Leasing Agent, Pillars of the Industry, and Multi-Housing World; and the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Multifamily Councils’ Membership Committee. In addition, she served as Editor of NAHB’s Multifamily Management magazine and as Chairman for the NAHB Multifamily Council sub-committee.

Tami has authored several leading industry publications, including Multifamilypro’s popular 101 Secrets to Relationship Leasing, and Write a Winning Multifamily Marketing Plan.  Multifamilypro’s “Big Book” series—including proven traffic generation and management ideas and Community Marketing Tracker—are mainstays on the bookshelves of apartment communities from coast to coast.

MultifamilyPro’s  Brainstorming Sessions™, invented by Tami and now one of the industry’s largest national conferences, is widely regarded as THE annual event that multifamily professionals cannot afford to miss!

Multifamilypro’s New Media Optimization Summits are rapidly becoming the go-to, “See It. Hear It. Do It.” events for owners and operators of small-to-mid-sized businesses of all kinds to weave social media effectively into their brand fabric and overall marketing plans. Tami is a frequently sought-after presenter of local and corporate events.