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Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players …” This is true not only in literature and on stage, but also in the everyday reality of our working lives … you may as well have the cameras rolling as you try diligently to get people in the front door and help find them a home, because you truly are at center stage, and it is your time to SHINE. Most importantly, though, is to achieve all the objectives of your position in a way that shows your authentic desire and ability to serve your customers, without your performance seeming scripted. In effect, it’s important to know “your part” so well that you can instantly handle any situation while conveying to your prospects and residents that you will attend to their every need. In Season One of Lights. Camera. RESULTS!, Valerie Sargent will work with you on all the tools of the trade that you need to become an onsite SUPERSTAR. Key takeaways will be new skills for successfully building relationships, marketing your community more effectively, moving the sale forward, closing more leases, and playing your part with skill and style!

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  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Length: 12 episodes, 30 minutes each
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CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 1 – Dress Rehearsal: The Art of Charm & Preparation

Just as every excellent actor knows that a stellar performance comes from much rehearsal and preparation, a Multifamily Pro knows that preparing for the day ahead is just as important as showing up for the job.  This episode will give you tips on how to manage your time on and off the clock for more effective onsite performance.  You will also learn the importance of being charming and the impact it can have on your leasing performance and resident retention.  Key takeaways will be: preparation and planning techniques; ways to create a powerful image that people respond to; how to be proactive rather than reactive; ways to feed your mind for ultimate performance; and practicing the art of charm to enhance your leasing performance and onsite activities.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 2 – Running Your Lines: Standing Apart on the Telephone

Practice makes perfect, and memorizing your shopping report helps ensure that you cover all appropriate topics while on the telephone with a prospect.  However, does it make you sound TOO scripted?  The telephone is often the first personal contact a prospect will have with you … are you making it effective, fun and memorable?  Are you truly connecting with the prospect, creating curiosity and building rapport?  This episode will help you learn how to make a genuine bond with a prospect over the phone.  You will learn about establishing trust and how to listen more fully.  Key takeaways will be:  understanding the importance of building relationships through establishing rapport; learn questions and techniques to engage interest and help you stand apart from the competition while driving traffic straight to your community!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 3 – Promotion: Prospecting with a Sales Approach

In sales, prospecting is to search for or explore possibilities of finding more customers or potential clients; how to find the people who need what you have.  Traditionally in the property management industry we advertise regularly and do outreach marketing occasionally.  Are you relying on prospects to just show up at your door?  In this episode you will learn how to be more proactive with your outreach marketing by prospecting with a more traditional sales approach.  Key takeaways will be:  tools to enhance referrals from your current residents; using your own networking abilities to enhance your community’s visibility; great places to search for new residents where they’re also looking for YOU!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 4 – Production:  Crafting Effective E-mail Responses

Multifamily Pros love to get e-mails!  They know that someone who is taking the time to send an e-mail is typically one of the best prospects around, because they’ve already taken the time to research your community online and they are still interested in learning more! This episode will help you write e-mails to your prospects that will stimulate their curiosity and make them want to engage with you further.  Key takeaways will be:  using the subject line effectively; phrases that make your message more intriguing; generating prospect feedback; closing effectively via e-mail to encourage more online leases!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 5 – On Screen Chemistry: Building Quality Relationships

They talk about on-screen chemistry in movies, and how some actors simply work well together and are believable in their roles. This episode will focus on how well you connect with your prospect in person to generate your own leasing chemistry.  It will give you easily applicable techniques to build great relationships with your future residents.  Discover your prospect’s path to the purchase decision, and how to create trust in any sales situation.  Key takeaways will be:  4 motivations in a buying decision; responding to prospect fears; appealing to everyone in two simple steps (trophies vs. monsters); adjusting your presentation to the prospect’s differences, and much more!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 6 – Your Script:  Powerful Questioning to Advance the Sale

Guess what the easiest way to make someone curious is?  Using the phrase, “Guess what!”  What other types of questions will pique your prospect’s interest on the phone and in person?  Valerie knows and can’t wait to share the power of amazing questions with you.  This episode will focus on utilizing questions that are designed to engage your prospect in a way that helps you gain credibility while discovering information you need from your prospects to lease more apartments!  Key takeaways will be:  Diagnostic questions; probing questions; expanding questions; the danger of the flip flop; selling not telling; developing your vocal flexibility; using irresistible suggestions.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 7 – Brainstorm with Industry Superstars!

This episode will be broadcast LIVE from Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming Sessions in Phoenix, AZ!  Industry superstars will be joining Valerie and giving their favorite tips on some of the most important onsite lessons they’ve learned through the years.  Join in for lots of fun, fabulous tips to take your onsite performance to Superstar heights!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 8 – Directing Success:  Attention to Detail

Have you ever gone to your desk to do something, and then forgot why you were there?  Do you perform your role consciously with care and detail every day, even when doing routine or common tasks, or do you simply go through the motions?  This episode focuses on how to be more detail-oriented in your day-to-day onsite duties, including ways to exercise your brain to enhance performance.  Key takeaways will be:  Activities that will improve your attention to detail; tips to keep paperwork in order; what to watch for in models and make-ready apartments; and enhancing your overall personal and situational awareness.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 9 – It’s a Wrap:  Closing with Confidence

Hope is not a method when it comes to closing!  If you get nervous when it’s time to ask for a commitment, you don’t want to miss this!  In order to get more leases, closing is the most important thing you need to do at the end of your tour.  But there’s a trick – you have to earn the right to close!  This episode is all about knowing what to say and when to say it to close your prospect with confidence.  Key takeaways will be:  knowing the importance of objections; ways to recognize the importance of timing in closing; how to incorporate empathy for more leases; 4 keys to closing more sales; understanding different types of closes and how to use them; the one thing that people said was the reason they chose not to make a decision.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 10 – Star Performance:  Moving the Sale Forward with Follow-Up

Follow-up is still often a lost art within our industry. Some go through the motions and send out a bland, scripted note, but is that really the best way to check back in with someone?  This episode will focus not only on the different types of follow-up you may conduct with a customer, but more importantly Valerie will show you how to use that follow-up to make a difference and move the sale forward.  Key takeaways will be: ways to leave a phone message that ensure a call-back; sending e-mails that intrigue; time management skills for follow-up; creating value that will separate your community from the competition (hint – it all starts during their tour!).


CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 11 – Viewer’s Choice:  Your Pressing On-Site Issues Addressed

This episode addressed particular leasing questions or on-site challenges that our viewers wanted Valerie to cover.  Topic requests were sent in advance for this customized show.  The subjects selected by show subscribers and key takeaways are:  how to sell an older community that is in need of a face lift; more closing techniques to help close the deal; how to deal with online public reviews.  Everyone’s participation made this episode incredibly valuable as we dealt with topics of interest from the audience.  Join us for this Viewer’s Choice special broadcast!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 12 – Syndication:  Serving Your Residents with Excellence

The work certainly doesn’t stop once your prospect leases an apartment.  Like syndication in television, there is even more to gain from the power of resident retention and those residents who stay with us for years.  What is the saying … happy wife, happy life?  Well, we know that happy residents equal a happy community.  This episode will help you understand the true cost of turnover and provide you with some excellent strategies to help you with resident retention.  Key takeaways will be:  things to do before move-in to ensure satisfaction; resident contact strategies after move-in; ways your residents communicate – to you and to others – and the overall impact on your community; tips for handling resident complaints; ways to develop proactive solutions; ideas about asking for and incorporating resident feedback.

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Valerie M. Sargent has a passion for teaching others and making a difference. She began her career in the multifamily industry over 20 years ago as a leasing consultant, guiding her career toward training and marketing. Today she is a dynamic presenter and consultant working with clients to unlock the dynamic power within their associates. Valerie is an invaluable resource to help tackle nearly any business issue a company may encounter, and she specializes in leasing, sales, customer service and leadership. Her engaging and humorous presentation style creates a learning environment that is exciting, inspirational and memorable. By providing cohesive, educational and motivating experiences, Valerie takes pride in helping companies create effective and productive teams who love their jobs. Areas of expertise include: Training, Marketing, Consulting, On-Boarding, Coaching, Team Building, Corporate Retreats and Leadership Conferences. Valerie is a Charter Member of National Multifamily Speakers Alliance. She resides in Newport Beach, CA, and currently volunteers for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), an organization that advocates for abused or neglected children. Find her at