Contributed by Amy Alred, CLASS and the Leasing Workshop

This is a super program/policy that is guaranteed to increase your numbers!  Create a daily call in sheet listing all employees responsible for leasing on your site or all sites within your portfolio.  Your call in sheet should include seven days a week and a specific goal each employee is challenged and empowered to meet weekly.  You can also incorporate your resident renewal goals on this call in sheet.  Next work with every employee individually to develop a daily leasing and renewal goal and mark this on the call in sheet.  Now it is time to implement your program for successful leasing.  Target a specific time for employees to call in and report their accomplishments from the day before. Leasing Specialists from our company our responsible for calling in to our National Training Director every day before they start their day.


The objective for having our Leasing Specialist call in is to:


  1. As an off site management team, we know on a daily basis what our leasing numbers are from every property we are working on.
  2. We listen to the tone and attitude of our leasing specialists.  If they had a super successful day, we are able to congratulate them on the spot and share their accomplishments with every one in the home office. If they had a challenge or tougher day, we are able to work with them and pump them up before they start their day.
  3. Calling in is a very PROACTIVE approach to monitoring your company’s leasing activity.
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY. Your employees will be motivated and expected to play their “A” game every day.


A weekly flyer to goes to every employee responsible for leasing.  This is a colorful and cute flyer we produce and mail on Fridays.  It lists the top three Leasing Specialists.  Our team loves these, and a lot of them save them in their “me” files.  The flyer helps others to step up to the plate and lease, lease, lease.


Our company has been doing this for 19 years.  The cost is less than $25 a month plus time of the person who takes the calls. It works!  You have to have someone in authority and who is a very good performance coach to take the calls EVERY morning.  I have been doing this for five years, even when I am traveling or on personal time and I can say it definitely drives our business to hit our company’s performance benchmarks month after month and year after year.

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