Quick tech updates that I need to share with all of you.

1.  If the login email address that you were originally assigned had an odd “mprotvfamilytv.com” or any other similar doman other than showname@multifamilyprotv.com, it has been changed.  All login email addresses now end in @multifamilyprotv.com … whatever was before the ampersand has not been altered.

2.  When you log into your dashboard and “START” a show, the first dialog box that appears will ask you to allocate the number of seats that you want to use for your meeting.  Please:

A.  DO NOT leave the box blank.

B.  Enter a number of 200 or less.

If a show requires more than 200 seats, we’ll make the necessary adjustment; and when the network grows to the point that each show requires more than that allocation, we’ll upgrade accordingly; but for now, it’s necessary that everyone follows that rule :-)

3.  Please remember to stop recording/broadcasting when your show is done :-)


When viewers access your show, they’ll see you alone or you and up to five other co-hosts, each broadcasting concurrently in his/her own frame from their respective locations; and if you’re using a PowerPoint presentation, it can also appear in a separate frame on the screen. If you’d like viewers to be able to communicate with you while the show is underway, you can also incorporate a live Text Chat box into the screen layout. The chat box can be visible only to the host or to both the host and other viewers.


Each show has the capability of broadcasting up to SIX live video and Voice-Over IP (VoIP) audio streams at once using their respective webcams or other internet-connected cameras and computer microphones; so multiple show hosts/guests can be visible and audible to the viewers at the same time.

One of the most fabulous features of our viewing experience—and this is extremely important—is that VIEWERS DON’T HAVE TO DOWNLOAD A SINGLE THING in order to watch your show!  We’ve done everything on the development end so they don’t have to!  Our high-quality video feature transforms a standard webcam feed into a crystal-clear picture instantly, in real time with no choppiness or pixilation. Viewers will see a high-quality transmission of 250 – 600 kbps, with a smooth frame-rate of 15-24 frames per second and featuring a large video frame size of either 320×240 or 640×480 pixels, broadcasting virtually TV-quality video. YIPPPEEE!


You’ll be able to broadcast your presentation it its own slide frame on the screen alongside your host frame(s). This is as easy as uploading your file into our broadcasting interface which will convert your PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Excel, Flash or image files automatically into the necessary format, with a single click.

You have full control over how viewers experience the display. Our system’s Lock feature lets you take control of the various elements of the screen so that viewers see the elements of your show the way you want them to. You can maximize the slide frame to show only your presentation slides, or expand the host window so that everyone can see you better—whatever you do while you’re broadcasting in Lock mode, your viewers’ screens will follow right along at your command.

Microsoft Office Files

  • PowerPoint – .ppt, .pptx & .pps files
  • Word – .doc files
  • Excel – .xls

Adobe Acrobat

  • .pdf files

Image Files

  • gif
  • jpg
  • png

Video Files

  • AVI – .avi files
  • Flash – .flv & .swf files
  • Quicktime – .mov files
  • MPEG – .mpeg & .mpg files
  • Windows Media Video – .wmv files

Audio Files

  • MP3 Audio – .mp3 files
  • WAV Audio – .wav files


With MproTV, you can also share your screen with co-hosts or attendees for software demos, design collaborations, document creation, and more. When you start a screen-sharing session, your audience will be able to see your screen either scaled to fit in their window or in actual size with scroll bars on the sides. Depending on how large your attendees’ screens are, our interface will automatically detect the best viewing option for each member of the audience.

You will have an array of markup tools allowing you to  annotate slides on the fly while the show is underway, which will be useful for providing attendees with a focal-point during the presentation. The Whiteboard will help you emphasize and illustrate points, and give you the freedom to highlight anything important to your audience. The Whiteboard gives you the feeling of an interactive touch pen and monitor. You can choose the color and size of your markings along with shaped stamps, inserted shapes, text boxes, arrows, lines, and more.

The interactive Text Chat feature allows hosts and viewers to communicate with each other. This can be done through Text Chat instant messaging, or with an easy to use Q & A-style interaction. The Q & A tool creates a more efficient online presentation and allows the host a simpler way to navigate through the viewers’ questions with greater fluidity, ensuring that you’ve answered all viewer questions you want to answer, and ignoring the ones you don’t.

Hand Raising and Mood Indicators allow viewers to choose from a simple pull-down menu and provide feedback to the host(s) including “I have a question”, “Slow down”, “Speed up”, “I agree” or “I disagree.”  Your audience simply uses a pull-down menu to let you know if they have a question or to indicate their state. When they use these options, you will see an icon by the viewer’s name. This is a great way to keep a “read” on your audience and give them a voice—comprehension and interest-level are vital to the success of your show.

You’ll be able to create custom polls and add them to your broadcast screen, then collect data in real time to test audience retention, get feedback on products and ideas, or measure customer attitudes!  It’s easy to design polls, fully edit existing ones, or store polling data for later use. Polls can be designed in true/false or multiple choice format, and the response fields allow viewers to choose up to five different answers. Cumulative results for all active polling questions are also available to you in real time.


Survey and Testing Tools are also available to you so that you can receive post-show feedback as well as gauge audience comprehension after the show. These tools will help you not only reach your goals, but also assist in future show planning. Used in conjunction with the polling feature, surveys and tests are great ways to conduct market research.

The Testing feature specifically allows you to implement the full-cycle process of training or online learning. Customize your tests from top to bottom, and design them to indicate “Pass” or “Fail” at the end of the exam. Choose what landing page or link you would like attendees to see once they have taken the test, so they are able to take the next appropriate step. You can send them to your blog, website, landing page or back to the MproTV webpage.

Getting Started

What do I need in order to host or be guest  on a show?

There’s no hardware or software to purchase. A microphone, a webcam, headset and an Internet connection is all you need.

Do I have to download software?

As our application is web-based, which means that there is no software to download or install. Certain features, such as sharing your screen, will require a small browser-based plug-in to be installed, but your attendees will never need to download in order to participate in your event.

How do I start a meeting with?

From your Account Manager, click the green “Start Session” button of the presentation you would like to begin. Once your presentation is open, click “Yes” on the following dialog box “Would you like to start your presentation session now? This will allow your audience to join your presentation.” This will start your meeting and allow attendees to log-in.

How do I schedule a presentation?

From your Account Manager, click on Send Invitations from the Options menu for the presentation you would like to create email invitations. Enter the email addresses of the recipients, specify the time and date of the event, and then preview the email invitation prior to sending. Once you click send, they will be sent the invitations.

How To

How do I record a presentation?

From inside your “meeting room,” in the Presentation Control area, click the “Record” button once you are ready to begin recording. You will then receive a dialog box to confirm. Click “Start Recording” to begin recording. You will notice a red dot labeled “Recording” in the upper left hand corner over the presenter’s screen when recording is live. To stop recording, simply repeat the steps and click “Stop Recording” or “End the Session” from the Presentation Controls window.

How do I playback a recorded presentation?

From the Account Manager, click “Manage Recordings” to view. Click “Play Recording” to playback the presentation event.

How do I share my Recordings with others?

From the Account Manager, click “Manage Recordings” to view all of your recordings. Note the Audience URL beside each recording. Tami can set up the password protected area for viewers of reruns.

How do I join an event from which I had received an invitation?

To join an event, simply click the link sent to you in the invitation email for the presentation. Fill out the required registration information and click “Enter the Presentation.”  If you are a presenter on this show the show host will click on your name when you enter the show.


Are you compatible with Mac users to attend online events?

Yes, you can attend or present in any meeting or event with a Mac-based computer using either Safari or Firefox.

Can we present with PowerPoint slides? What about PDFs?

Yes, you can use PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2007 slides. Not only can you upload PowerPoint presentations, but we also supports PDF documents, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets.

How many broadcasts/presenters do you support during a session?

You are allowed up to 5 presenters  plus you broadcasting  from their webcams. However, please keep in mind that this is a “Broadband” feature, and that you will need to have a fast internet connection. Test this out on your system with one additional person before attempting to add in 5 additional people.

An attendee has been promoted to Presenter but is not being heard. What must the presenter do?

All presenters must click the “Start Broadcast” button so they can begin speaking. The “Start Broadcast” button is located immediately below the presenter’s window in the upper left hand corner. Also, test your microphone connection in our Microphone Settings Wizard under the “Presentations” tab.

How do I change an attendee to a presenter during the presentation?

Click on the attendees name, and then click on “Make a Presenter.” To allow this person to be the current speaker so that they can share their screen, click on the presenter and then click on “Set as Current Speaker.”

How can I enlarge the video of the presenters?

To adjust the video feed screen size, click and drag the icon in the lower right hand corner and stretch towards the right.

Are URL links active within slides for attendees viewing the presentation?

Yes, links are active within the text chat module and slides of presentation module! A new browser window will open once attendees click the link. They will also be able to return to the presentation without any interruptions.

How do I make it so the other attendees can’t see each other on the attendance list?

As a MproTV policy we do not display the attendee list for any of our shows. Before you start to broadcast please remember  to turn this off. Under the Attendee tab select “make attendance private.” By selecting this option the attendees can only see the presenter and themselves.


I have been invited to an event but when I click meeting link, I get the message “We’re sorry. The presentation you are trying to view is currently not active. Please try again later.” What do I do?

Once confirming the time and date of the event, it may be that the host of the event has not made the session available. Check back in about 5 minutes. Once the session is available, you will be able to login to the event. Otherwise, please contact the event host for more information.

I think I have a Popup Blocker that is prevent me from joining the show. How can I join the show?

What do I do if I receive an “unable to connect to the presentation” error message?

This may indicate that you are behind a firewall that is not allowing you to connect to the webinar. Please visit our system test for more details regarding the current status of your system. If you are not able to connect to any RTMP or Screen Sharing ports then you will need to adjust your firewall settings.

Attendees complain that Presenter’s audio comes in too loud. What options do attendees have to adjust volume?

Simply turn down the volume on your speakers, or move your mouse over to the presenter you wish to adjust the volume. Note the Volume level slider, Audio mute, and Video mute. Adjust the audio level by moving the slider to the left.

I’m hearing an echo in the webinar presentation when speaking. What can I do to eliminate the echo?

This is because your microphone is picking up the sound from your speakers. To reduce the amount of echo, move the microphone and speakers as far apart as possible or turning your speakers down. We also highly recommend using a headset which will eliminate the echo.

Why can’t my audience hear me speak with the microphone?

Be sure to click “Start Broadcast” for the audience to hear you. Make sure that your microphone is plugged in, and the volume is set accordingly. Also, verify the microphone settings by clicking “Presentation – Microphone Settings.” Also ensure that no other programs might be using your sound card, such as Skype, or any other sound recording or playback program. Walk through our Microphone Settings Wizard under the Presentation Tab to verify it is working.

Why can’t my audience see my video feed?

Be sure to click “Start Broadcast” for the audience to see you. Make sure that your webcam is plugged in. Also, verify the Video settings by clicking “Presentation – Video Settings.” From the Video Settings Wizard, walk through the web cam set up, make sure your camera is selected and you can see your image on the test window. Also ensure that no other open programs might be using your webcam, such as Skype, or any other IM or Chat programs. Click here to get the latest version of Flash.

Screen Sharing

What do I need to Screen Share?

We currently utilize a “Screen Sharing Plug-in” that must be installed prior to Screen Sharing. For Internet Explorer on Windows, this is a small ActiveX control. For Firefox or Safari on either Mac or Windows, this is a Java Applet. Either way, it only takes 1 minute to install, and only the presenters who wish to share their screen need to do it. Viewers don’t have to install anything.

Why does the Presenter’s Video freeze when Screen Sharing?

Screen Sharing is a version of a video feed. To save bandwidth during the presentation, the application will pause the video feed so the screen sharing can have the clarity and speed necessary to maintain the quality of the presentation.

What if a participant can’t see my screen when Screen Sharing?

Try restarting the screen sharing session, or closing the window and reconnecting to the service, or have them log out and log back into your session. Also, make sure you have a wired internet connection not a wireless connection.

Why is the screen sharing slow / blurry / poor quality?

This is usually because of an internet connection issue, either on your side or on the audience members’ side. For best experiences we recommend a broadband connection. Also make sure to set your screen resolution to a maximum of 1024×768.

A viewer can also control how the screen is displayed. If it’s too small, they can click on “Actual Size” in the upper right corner of the window, and this will zoom the screen. “Fit to Screen” will make the presenter’s screen fit in the Screen Sharing window.


What do I need (system requirements) to host or attend a show as a presenter?

Minimum requirements to host or attend fully interactive show are:

* At least: Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox 2.5 or Safari (Mac)
* 800×600 Screen Resolution
* Stable Internet connection, DSL or above
* Connected to Internet via hard wired connection, not wireless
* Flash Player 9
* Turn Pop Up Blocker off: see Pop-up Blockers for more information.
* Webcam, Microphone, and Speakers

Recommended Requirements

* At least: Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or Safari 4(Mac) or Chrome 3
* 1024×768 Screen Resolution
* 300-500kbps download and upload speed (DSL, Cable Modem, T1, etc)
* Connected to Internet via hard wired connection, not wireless
* Most recent version of Flash player: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer
* Turn Pop Up Blocker off: see Pop-up Blockers for more information.
* Webcam and Headset (for Presenters)

Speed Test

You can verify the speed of your connection at http://www.speedtest.net

Our server is in San Fransisco so test your system by clicking on the star located there.

How can I convert video files that are not in Flash format so I may upload them?

There are many software applications available which can perform this conversion. A program we suggest is Riva Flash Encoder. With this software, you can convert your video files to Flash (flv).

What are the bandwidth minimum requirements for screen sharing?

To successfully broadcast with the Screen Share feature, the presenter will require a minimum of 256kbps (500kbps is recommended)

Can a PowerPoint presentation consist of audio or video?

We currently do not support PowerPoint presentations with embedded media content. The one option you do have is to convert the media file to a Flash video (flv), upload it, and then play it back on your cue during your presentation.

I have a PowerPoint file which exceeds the maximum file size, what can we do to reduce the file size without removing slides or splitting up presentation?

It may be that your PowerPoint consists of many large images. Try compressing the images of your slides with PowerPoint to reduce the file size:

Open PowerPoint presentation file
Click File – Save As
Click Tools from the upper right hand corner of “Save As” dialog box
Select “Compress Pictures”
Change Resolution to “Web/Screen (96dpi)”. Click OK
Rename File and Save file as type “Presentation”

How do I verify microphone and speaker settings on a Mac?

Within System Preferences, check Sound and verify both Input (microphone) and output (Speakers) are properly configure and working. To avoid echo… be sure speakers are disabled when using headset as the output as the microphone will pick up that as well.

Do you support video playback during presentations?

Yes, you can upload Flash video (FLV) or other video content into your presentation. Certain content can’t be converted to FLV, but our system will attempt to convert most MPG, AVI, WMV and QuickTime video files.

What do I do if the presenters screen is too small on my computer while I am watching them share a screen?

This is because your screen resolution or screen size is larger than theirs, and your screen has to be “squished” to fit on their screen. There are a few different options available:

  • -Best Option – Set your screen resolution to something lower than theirs, such as 800×600 or 1024×768.
  • -Have your audience click on the “Maximize Viewing Area” located in the upper right corner of the content area


Very Important: add all emails from multifamilypro.com and multifamilyprotv.com to your email system’s “safe senders” list so that you’ll receive all emails relative to your registration.
Upon registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email at the address with which you registered.  SAVE THAT MESSAGE!
If this is your first MproTV show, open the confirmation email immediately and look for the System Test link. Following that link will test your system and help you correct any issues that need to be resolved before watching the broadcast.
You should also test your internet speed by following the “please visit PingText.net” link in the confirmation message, or using another online speed test. A low connection quality will cause your viewing experience to be less than ideal, including cutting in/out of the audio and/or video stream.  If the speed test indicates that you have poor connection quality, you should contact your ISP to inquire about how to fix it. Our viewers have had outstanding viewing experiences over high-speed WiFi, but some have found that a hardwired connection provides greater signal strength.  If you notice a lag while watching via WiFi, you may wish to change to a hardwired connection. If you’re on a portable computer or device, simply moving physically closer to your WiFi router can make a significant difference.
Note that there is NO DIAL-IN AUDIO option for our broadcasts … you must be prepared to watch on a computer or smartphone with audio capability (either speakers or a functioning headphone jack).
At the appointed time, use the link in your confirmation email to access the broadcast, adjust your speakers, and enjoy!