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Every chef knows that preparing a great dish requires a great recipe so that results are predictable, consistent, and fantastic every time; and the Smart Girls at Smart Apartment Solutions know that fantastic branding requires the same carefully planned approach.  Join Megan, Paige, Renee, Dawn, and Intern Cal in this entertaining and enlightening, six-episode series as they reveal their favorite recipes for successful outreach marketing, reputation marketing, interviewing, networking, and mentoring—then combine all these amazing ingredients in a season-ending ultimate bake-off finale: the creation of a fabulously successful Marketing Plan!

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  • Length: 6 episodes, 60 minutes each
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Please note that immediate video-on-demand access is available only during our normal business hours of 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday, Eastern Standard or Daylight Time as orders must be fulfilled by a member of our staff who will provide you a personalized access link via email.  All orders received outside of normal business hours (including weekends and holiday closures) will be fulfilled as soon as possible on the next business day.

Click Here to Purchase Episode One: Outreach Marketing
See what Smart Chick Megan has cooking up in the way of outreach marketing.  Ingredients for success will include identifying demographics, creating marketing items on a budget and effectively executing outreach marketing.  Megan’s well-seasoned plan includes items that create synergy with the businesses frequented by your target market, and collateral pieces that have the longevity to do the work for you.  We’ll demonstrate how to create the right collateral, and help you master proven ways to get in front of clients and know what to say to them, once you do! The key takeaway will be a ready-to-implement outreach plan that will tempt more (and more qualified) traffic to visit and lease!

Click Here to Purchase Episode Two: Reputation Marketing
Join Smart Girl Dawn as she mixes up a melt-in-your-mouth reputation remedy.  See how well baked a community’s reputation can be when the finest ingredients of transparency, integrity and timing are perfectly blended.  Our creative ingredients are sure to grow your brand while reaching new customers.  With tips on responding to review sites; strategies for promoting your brand in social media; real life case studies; and techniques for dealing with the press in less than perfect circumstances—turn up the heat on your community’s reputation with a smart approach that’ll bring out your best.  The key takeaway will be a recipe for turning a rough reputation into a remarkable one!

Click Here to Purchase Episode Three: Interview Tips
Not sirloin, just prime … interview tips that is.  Smart Girl Paige shares her recipe for selecting the perfect candidate by revealing her secrets to identifying soft skills and key result indicators.  The recipe includes an interview checklist, recruitment techniques, and compensation negotiation tips.  The key takeaways will help you transition your recruiting and hiring practices from rare to well-done!

Click Here to Purchase Episode Four: Networking
Got a lot on your plate?  See how Smart Chick Megan enhances your networking ability no matter what your tastes.  Follow the recipe on how to read body language, adapt your approach to different personalities, comfortably gain contact information and overcome objections.  The key takeaways will include step-by-step tools to engage, interact, gather information; and make the connections you have always wanted, quicker than a three-minute egg.

Click Here to Purchase Episode Five: Mentoring
Smart Girl Renee doesn’t do anything half-baked.  Join her as she demonstrates the finer skills of leasing and shares coaching tips by taking this classic and adding some new spices.  Renee whips up phone, demonstration, and follow-up tips that will make you hungry for more.  The key takeaway will be a structured approach to sharing knowledge and information between the members of your team to the benefit of all!

Click Here to Purchase Episode Six: Ultimate Bake-Off
In the season finale, join the entire Smart team while they mix up all we’ve learned this season into something for every palette.  Better than a Kitchen Aide, the Smart Girls will mix up outreach marketing, promoting the reputation of your brand, expanding your network, recruiting and retaining the best talent and inspiring your sales team.  The key takeaway will be a recipe for a successful marketing plan!

Multifamily TV

Dawn Ford’s personal credo is “I am not the boss, I’m just bossy.”  Her need to be an overachiever started early on; after graduating from Ferris State University with three degrees, a bachelors in Business Administration and associates degrees in Real Estate and Legal Assisting.  Dawn served as President of Phi Gamma Nu and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, regularly being on the Dean’s List, she began following her passion, the apartment industry.  With 31 years of experience in property management operations, honing her marketing skills by handling lease-ups in five different states simultaneously, Dawn has one of those right brain left brains where she is a free and creative thinker while never losing site of the complexities of the implementation and effects on the site operations.  Dawn has held Real Estate Brokers’ licenses in the states of Colorado and Illinois. Dawn’s self described strength is selling and inspiring change and her out of the box thinking supports her outstanding track record of business successes as evidenced by her previously owning a successful management firm and the unique business philosophies shared by Smart Girls, Dawn and Paige, on which Smart Apartment Solutions was founded.

Others describe Smart Girl Dawn as light hearted, hard headed and heavy handed but she says she is more of a Smart aleck.  Dawn believes people set their own worth and some say she values herself highly.  Dawn holds the CPM and Housing Credit Certified Professional designations and has received awards such as Property Manager of the Year, has served as President of the IREM Chapter #53 for two different terms, leading the chapter to the Chapter of the Year award given by the Institute of Real Estate Management.

Dawn is mother of Megan, a chip off of the old Diva, who is also in the industry as a Director of Marketing and Leasing.  Dawn is a tap dancer and teases that she is almost a professional, is a beginner at playing her baby grand piano and she stamps her own greeting cards.


Multifamilypro“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”  Michael Caine

The first 20 years of her life, Megan Orser spent in beautiful Colorado. The daughter of self-starter, Dawn Ford, Megan works hard and has successfully paved her own way into the apartment industry.  Megan has embodied many of Mom’s business principles and believes that honesty, a positive self -worth supporting true leadership is the best business philosophy, and this is evidenced by her mature, common sense approach to problem solving.  After high school, Megan found her way north where she spent two years at the University of Northern Colorado during at which she studied marketing and advertising.

After her sophomore year of college, Megan followed her mother back to her hometown of Owosso, Michigan, and started at the University of Michigan.  Through- out college, Megan interned with a marketing company in the Metro Detroit Area as a Marketing Assistant as well as Leasing Specialist and during the 1 and ½ years of being assigned to a lease-up, maintained an exceptional closing ratio of over 83%.  After graduating with her Bachelors Degree in Organizational Communications and a minor in Marketing, Megan accepted a position as the Director of Marketing and Leasing with direct responsibilities over 1,000 units.

Currently Megan works in marketing and sales assisting properties through out the United States as well as partnering with the Smart Girls as Smart Chick Megan the Director of Professional Development with the authoring and instruction of the courses such as Social Networking for Smarties, Outreach for Smarties, “You had me hello”…to ..”  Happily ever after.” and Smart Know•-ledge•ology.  Megan has recently been nominated for Crain’s twenty in their 20’s and we are excited to see what this Smart Chick will think of next.