Two Months later: Hi Tami,  We have applied SO much of what you shared with us. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  Angie Joyner Michelson Realty

Hello Tami, I attended your seminar in May here in Dallas on Eliminating Concessions and Increasing Rents.  A number of people in our organization/management company have attended the same seminar as we found it very beneficial.  Thank you, Jayne Tessmer

“Tami,  All who attended your seminar returned to their properties “Fired Up”!  They were ready to raise rents and find the ‘VALUE’ for their residents.  Of the 10 people I sent some have many years of experience and some are new to the industry.  It was interesting to hear what each ‘heard’ and learned.  Thanks for coming to Houston and sharing ‘you’ and your stories and ideas with us.. Tina Cavaco, CAPS Vice President

“Tami,  I had a great time at your seminar and feel so much better prepared to handle the challenges we’ll be facing here in our market over the next few years!  Thank you so much for taking the time to stay after and answer all of my questions.  It was wonderful to know I’m beginning to be on the right track with our pricing strategy and customer service.  With a little reading and practice, despite our age, we’ll be able to be more profitable for our ownership, better to our residents, and position ourselves well against new competitors.  I’m excited about the current market and knowing we’ll be ready for the next cycle!   Your seminar was informative, fun and I really felt comfortable in the smaller sized class.  Next time I’m sending my whole team.   I think your course was the most enjoyable I’ve taken.” Megan Colburn. Property Manager

“Hi Tami! Thank you so much for a VERY informative presentation. I thought it was great! I left feeling rejuvenated and with a ton of terrific ideas. Almost too much info, I want to implement everything at once! My only suggestion would be to have the class for a full day so we can pick your brain even more! Thanks again!  Angie, Marketing Director

Hi Tami,  “A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend your “Eliminating Concessions, Increasing Rents & Selling Rent Increase” presentation in Tampa.  It was FABULOUS!  I loved every minute of it.  By the way; you’re a fantastic speaker.  You kept it interesting, simple and energizing.  Thank you! ”   Angie Knipstein UDR Area 4 Marketing Specialist

“Tami, thank you for the great seminar you did for Fath Property associates in Dallas this week. It was educational and fun. The feedback has been extremely positive.
Thanks again”, Lee Hood-Harris Regional Manager Fath Properties

“I was at the reducing concession seminar today, and you were so ULTRA FAB!!” Michelle Clayton D.A.

“Tami,  Your seminar was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I came back to the office psyched and ready to make $$$ for my community!  I’ve already started brain-storming and as they say, attitudes are infectious. My team is jumping right on board.  Thank you so much for your tips.” Nathan Bayless

“Afternoon Tami,  Well I heard from my San Antonio team already , they loved the class.   J, Andrew and Kelly were adamant that I need to attend the class as well, so I am emailing to check availability for the class here in Dallas tomorrow.  I can move some things around if there is a spot available.”   Elizabeth J. Francisco Vice President

“Tami,  I thought your program was excellent.  I have been in the business for over 23 years and many of these ideas were familiar, however there were some golden nuggets that I picked up.  I appreciated you giving the onsite folks an overview of how to think like an investor/owner.”   Patricia E. Hutchison, CAPS Asset Manager

“Tami,  I just wanted to personally Thank You for yesterday’s class.  I have been in the business since 1986.  It was very informative as well as inspiring.  I received a lot of really great information from it.Looking forward to learning more from you!”   Traci Lindfors

“I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the class today. I took many new ideas back with me and am looking forward to sharing them with my staff.”  Sharon, Pinewood Village

jenken27 @MultifamilyPro was amazing yesterday! Our team is ready more then ever to raise rents, reduce concessions, and sell those increases!

“I attended this class in Seattle, WA. I would highly recommend every manager and leasing agent to attend it.” Nicole Strom

” We are raising rents! Thanks for the workshop presentation I attended this month,  you were super!” Mary Jane (Mj) Perea

“Tami, I had one of my managers attend your seminar yesterday about renewal rent increases and eliminating concessions.  She said it was fantastic and something everyone should attend.  Is there anyway you could put on a similar seminar for our company?  I am very interested in hearing from you.” Mathew Andrews,Vice President

“Tami, Your class was amazing.  I got so many great ideas and more knowledge than I know what to do with.  I wish we would have had more time available. I have spent a lot of time today going through the information on the website and love all the ideas that I have gotten.  Thank you again for the wonderful learning experience.”  Tammy Elder-Tucker

“Hello Tami!  The program was great; I wish I could have brought my managers, since that was not possible, I suggested that they all purchase the book. I absolutely received new ideas and could not get back to my property quick enough to share them with my entire team.” Kimberly M. Board  – Northwest District Manager

“Hi Tami ,I really enjoyed the class , thought it was full of energy with lots of refreshing ideas . Love that you provided us with all the tools for success and then showed practical ways to executed them. I would have appreciated a little class  participation or role playing ,[leasing with residents situations] , over all thought, it was Great ,would attend again !”  Kimberly

Tami,  Several of (Company name removed byMpro) employees attended the seminar regarding eliminating concessions last week and found it not only a great refresher but filled with unique ideas.  I would rate your program as one of the top seminars I have attended over the years.  Thank you for offering this seminar in our area and we will look forward to attending additional seminar given by you.  Best, Sandy Swenson, Senior Asset Manager

“Tami,  Just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how educational, entertaining and truly inspiring your presentation was today in Tampa for the Incore Managers.  The somewhat obvious, but underutilized, techniques coupled with many new and innovative ideas to be used as an asset manager that you shared are and will be extremely valuable to myself in my career.  Thank you.” Clarke Arnold

“Tami,  It was a very nice program that you did this morning. I really learned a lot and I will definitely pass this along to all of my team members.  Thank you.”  Mary Erickson



“Tami, Thanks so much. Rents are on the rise and so is our customer service and retention.  Have a great week and let me know next time you will be in Portland. I have shared my experience at your class with some other managers in our company and several showed interest. Thanks again,” John Neice

“Hello Tami,  Thank you for taking the time to providing the information…I really enjoyed Tuesday event and look forward to our new rent increase, ready to put some of your tips to use.” Daysi

“Hi Tami, I attended your wonderful seminar in Dallas back in May on” Eliminating Concessions and Increasing Rents  By the way, I have implemented a few ideas that you discussed such as” (IDEA ONE“and IDEA TWO, IDEA THREE, IDEA FOUR.  Anyway, my point is …..LOVED YOUR SEMINAR AND I AM REALLY WORKING YOUR IDEAS WITH MY TEAMS!!”  Leslie Smith Regional Property Manager

“Good morning Tami, I wanted to first thank you for the training last week, I really enjoyed it! I really got a lot out of it and you were a very fun and interesting time.  I was very inspired and excited to create value in my business. Thanks again” Sarah Dammann

“Hi Tami, Thank you so much for such a great class yesterday in Philadelphia! I learned so much and have already started to implement some of your ideas. The class went by so fast I wish it had lasted longer!  I am looking forward to taking more classes through MultiFamilyPro!  Thank you again, you were amazing!” Maura A. Bevan

“I left without telling you how much I enjoyed your program today.  I had five managers with me who are excited about getting the word back to their staffs and to the managers who were unable to attend.   Thank you for all you do!”  Diane Brown, Director of Training WRH Realty Services

“Great information today, Tami! My team is energized!” Carolyn Cannella

 I attended your seminar last week in Tampa. Just wanted to let you know I feel as though I learned alot and it was very educational.  Joanna Vasquez

“Hey Tami,   I really enjoyed the eliminating concessions seminar yesterday.  I will be implementing many of these ideas and procedures over the upcoming months.  I appreciate your drive and passion you give to your presentations.”    Daryl Blevins PRORMI, Inc. 

Thank you so much for visiting Omaha this year!   Your presentation re-energized our Property Managers and they are excited about reassessing their marketing plans and taking action for positive change. Kristy Lamb, CPM, ARM® Regional Manager

“Dear Tami: I hope you are having a fabulous day.  It was great to finally meet you out in L.A.   I have been busy working a way trying to make changes after your inspiring seminar.”    Sterling Bentley V.P. of Marketing & Performance/ R.E. Broker 
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Who is Tami and why is she qualified to teach you how to eliminate concessions, increase rents and sell renewals with an increase?.

Tami Siewruk is Chief Imagination Officer, Multifamilypro and New Media Optimization Summits

She began leasing apartments in 1976, and has held leasing, marketing, management, and business development positions up to and including Vice President of Property Management.  Having begun her career on the front lines, she has maintained a career-long passion for staying connected to the day-to-day challenges faced by apartment professionals at every level, and for connecting them with the resources they need to succeed!  Her other guiding passion—and special talent—is for spotting trends, and framing them within the context of our industry to not only identify their implications to our future, but to spotlight ways that we can immediately begin capitalizing on them today.

Tami speaks not only from a rare level and breadth of real-world experience in all facets of property management, but also as an owner and developer of award winning apartment communities in four states. As President of Siewruk Development, she has completed a 192-unit apartment community in Austin, Texas; and in partnership with Conine Residential Group & The Huizinga Group, developed 305 units in Dallas, Texas. She currently has a small resort under construction in the Bahamas.

Her articles are widely available online and have appeared in a variety of industry publications including The Journal of Property Management, Units Magazine,  Urban Land Magazine and numerous State and Local Apartment Publications. Tami is a co-author of NAHB’s highly successful book, How to Excel in Leasing Apartments, and the Certified Leasing Professional Course. She has served on Committees for RAM Digest, Certified Leasing Agent, Pillars of the Industry, and Multi-Housing World; and the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Multifamily Councils’ Membership Committee. In addition, she served as Editor of NAHB’s Multifamily Management magazine and as Chairman for the NAHB Multifamily Council sub-committee.  Tami has authored several leading industry publications, including Multifamilypro’s popular 101 Secrets to Relationship Leasing, and Write a Winning Multifamily Marketing Plan.  Multifamilypro’s “Big Book” series—including proven traffic generation and management ideas and Community Marketing Tracker—are mainstays on the bookshelves of apartment communities from coast to coast.

The Multifamilypro’s  Brainstorming Sessions™, invented by Tami and now one of the industry’s largest national conferences, is widely regarded as THE annual event that multifamily professionals cannot afford to miss!