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Do you know your MMI (Multiplicity Marketplace Intelligence) factor? How about Ethnocentrism, History and Stereotyping, Ethnorelativism … do you know what these words mean and how they affect your bottom line? In today’s diverse market, you need to sell, service, and stay your multicultural residents, so join the Multicultural Race for Marketplace series as we travel a world of cultures and race to win!

This reality-style game show gives you the chance to compete with others as you become a MultifamilyPro at Multicultural Diversity! You and a partner will join other teams as you race around the world of cultures in twelve episode segments. In most segments, the last team to arrive at the Prop Stop will be eliminated. When only two teams remain in the race, they will compete in the final journey to win two FREE passes to the Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming Sessions in 2012 PLUS a $1,000 travel voucher!

Each week, we’ll explore “new territory” including: advertising, marketing, sales techniques, social dexterity, communication skills, problem resolution, and more; with a special episode will be dedicated to communication and relationships with multicultural co-workers.

You will:

  • Learn new skills that are internationally recognized to create harmony between residents in this country and new residents from another
  • Develop new social dexterity, attitudes and behaviors, along with the flexibility necessary to communicate and work with prospects in other languages and from other cultures
  • Learn 100 power words in different languages such as Spanish, Arabic and Cantonese to enable you to better engage your customer!
  • And more!

“Advertising and marketing is not a matter of taking collateral marketing materials and translating them. You have to be responsive to the cultural differences in these communities and adjust the marketing accordingly.”  Reality Host, Rebecca Rosario

Make the Multicultural Race for Marketplace a reality for your company or community!

Multicultural Race for Marketplace Details

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  • Level: All
  • Length: Season One is 12 episodes, 60 minutes each
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Episode Guide

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Click Here to Purchase Episode 1 – Ready Set Go-Multicultural!

This episode will be hosted live from the Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming Session in Phoenix. The ten competing teams are introduced.  The teams take off with a MMI (Multiplicity Marketplace Intelligence) assessment. Follow the teams and answer along with them as they face 20 questions to determine their MMI.  Do you know why some people don’t make eye contact while others seem to stare, or will someone fall into a stereotype ditch?  This assessment will set the stage for each team’s starting order and bring the audience up to speed on your level of multicultural understanding as it relates to selling, servicing and getting residents to stay longer at your community.  The rules of the game will be reviewed, allowing audience members to vote for extra points to their favorite team.  Five Communication “power words” will be revealed, enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in English.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 2 – Misconceptions: Repeat or U-turn?

As we make our way through a canyon, common cultural misconceptions are explored, giving way to new understanding.  In this episode you will both observe and play along as the teams will tackle obstacles about false impressions and cultural misconceptions based on body language and Ethno centrism.  In the challenges you must decide which method(s) will get you to the Multicultural Marketplace faster.  Will it be a smooth ride or will someone get knocked off their high horse?  One team will be eliminated! Five more Communication “power words” will be revealed, enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in Spanish.  Clues for making first impressions will be revealed and a preview (along with a homework assignment) will be given for the upcoming episode.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 3 – Advertising:  Lead or get out of the way!

The competition for getting and keeping your share of multicultural residents is heating up!  And it is about to get hotter!  Advertisement and Marketing to diverse cultures is no easy feat.  In this episode we will see who dares to risk defeat exploring the jungle of internet, print media and other venues of reaching a target market.   The bonus test of how to survive within a bare bones budget will surely make you sweat. The homework assignment of a culturally targeted advertisement campaign is judged by YOU, the audience, and the winner is given amnesty for the elimination at the conclusion of this episode.  Extra points will be given to the top three finishers and you will end this show with insight on how to effectively reach a variety of cultures.  A second team is eliminated.  Five more Communication “power words” will be revealed, enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in Hindi.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 4-Maintenance Service

Ahhhh…maintenance and the taboo subject of odors, odors, and odors-Ideas on how to overcome and get rid of them. The team on last week’s episode that came in last place must complete The Blvd Block (Something stinks!)   in which one team mate takes the challenge “Who’s really hungry?” and eats a serving of something that smells really unusual in less than 30 seconds in order to stay in the game. Five more communication “power words” will be revealed, enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in Spanish. Challenges our maintenance staff face servicing the apartment interiors of our multicultural residents are explored and a series of true false answers at the end of the show determines who will come out smelling like a rose and who will taste defeat.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 5– Language-Bridging the gap, part one

Special Guest Star Appearance by Leah Brewer, Leasing Queen

Sometimes trying to have a conversation is like trying to join someone across a wide raging river with no way to connect…and that’s in English!  After determining the winner’s from last week’s culturally targeted advertisement campaign (See last week’s show) we move on to trying to communicate over language barriers, which can be tricky, even treacherous.  It’s not just the words, how you say words can make or break the bridge.  In this episode and episode 5, the mission of navigating both verbal and written language is completed with a series of “how to” examples.  Myths surrounding non native English speakers will be eliminated, and so will a third team.  A pop quiz regarding widely used languages will round out the episode and a whopping 15 Communication “power words” will be revealed enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in English.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 6 – Language-Bridging the Gap, Part Two

Special Guest Star Appearance by Leah Brewer, Leasing Queen

Can you hear me now?  In this episode, the focus on language and communication continues with 15 great ideas that will empower you to great conversations.  Will you move to the front of the Multicultural Race for Marketplace or will you lag behind in having effective communication with multicultural prospects and residents?  You along with the remaining seven teams face up to the telephone communication challenge.  How do you handle language barriers, especially when all the non-native English speaker wants to know is the price?  Tune in to discover the results!  Another team is eliminated and a second helping of 15 Communication “power words” will be revealed enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in English.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 7- Case Studies: The tale of two cities

The race takes a twist as case studies reveal what your multicultural residents are really thinking.  Watch out!  In this episode you will be confronted by prejudices, judgments and the reality of “why” we think differently. You may think that curry stinks; did it ever occur to you that your beef stinks?  You will learn Ethno relativism, or learning and being comfortable with many cultural standards and customs, and having the ability to adapt behaviors and communication styles to a variety of interpersonal settings. In this round no teams are eliminated, however the last team is given a boulevard block that they must accomplish to stay in the game. Don’t let your own bias block you from becoming a multicultural expert!  Five more Communication “power words” will be revealed, enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in Arabic.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 8- Special Episode on Diversity in the workplace

There are many factors that affect cross-cultural interactions in the workplace (among coworkers, as well as the supervisory relationship).  Supervisors must know how to avoid the quick sand of Ethnocentrism.  Employees usually quit their bosses, not their jobs!  Teams will be confronted with History and Stereotyping, Generalizations of Groups and Cultures.  Host, Rebecca Rosario will guide the teams through appropriate workplace language and how to avoid Communication Breakdown. Tune in and learn how to increase human performance through greater understanding of your multicultural employees. This episode concludes with a race to the finish (a speed Q&A round) as teams seek to reach safe ground in Ethno relativism.  One team will not make it in time… and may get eliminated. Five more Communication “power words” will be revealed, enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in Spanish.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 9- The Unspoken Word

This episode is dedicated entirely on decoding body language!  How do you respond to someone when their body says “no comprende”?  Learn when matching is appropriate and how close is too close in physical distance.  Body language can also be a “touchy” subject as some cultures embrace contact and others resist.  The Race takes a personal look at body language from head to toe.  Tips on how to overcome common awkward “physical” situations are revealed, providing greater confidence and improved customer service. A visual decoding assessment determines who stays in the race and who is eliminated and another team gets eliminated. Five more Communication “power words” will be revealed, enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in Mandarin.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 10- Ask the Expert and fun cultural festivities for the holidays

The first part of this segment is dedicated to “Ask the Expert”.  Previously emailed viewer questions will be shared and answered by Reality host Rebecca Rosario.  Teams will be given the chance to answer the questions live for extra points.  The second half will be ideas on how to incorporate fun cultural festivities from around the world.  You will not only learn how to properly celebrate St. Nicholas Day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Las Posadas and more, you will learn the why behind the custom(s).  Show your residents from around the world that you care and watch your retention soar! Five more Communication “power words” will be revealed, enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in French.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 11- Capture the Social Butterfly

Finding one’s “P’s & Q’s” across cultures can be like chasing a butterfly.  Just when you think you’ve got an unfamiliar custom figured out, another comes along and your social graces escape you!  Learn the five biggest mistakes American’s make in business situations and how to avoid simple faux pas that can sink you.  Know when it is a good thing to belch after a meal and when you should never use your left hand.  Tips on business etiquette from 16 countries are uncovered. Five more Communication “power words” will be revealed, enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in Mandarin. One team gets eliminated.

Register Here  Episode 12

Five more Communication “power words” will be revealed, enhancing your ability to engage multicultural customers in Russian.

The winning team is announced!

Multifamily TVRebecca celebrates 20 years in her property management career spanning from a leasing consultant to a regional director. Her accolades include successfully initiating and managing a corporate suite program expanding her company’s market, services and income.  In addition, four years with a major industry publication endowed Rebecca with extensive experience as an advertising and marketing business partner.  This blend of on-site, corporate and marketing experience is what makes Rebecca the ideal consultant and training expert in helping each client create their own “full house”. Rebecca is now President and “Leasing Queen” of Full House Marketing, Inc. ® in North Carolina, with offices in Raleigh and Charlotte. Rebecca serves on the Board of Directors for the Triad Apartment Association (Greensboro, NC) as Secretary after two terms on the Board of Directors of the Triangle Apartment Association (Raleigh, NC).  She is actively involved in four North Carolina NAA affiliate associations and won Vendor/Supplier Team of the Year from The Triangle Apartment Association. In addition to earning her NALP and CAM designations she teaches NALP, CAM and CAPS modules throughout North Carolina. She is on the faculty of NAAEI, a graduate of their Advanced Instructor Training.  Rebecca is a multiple presenter for Multifamily Pro Annual Brainstorming Session and a NAA Annual Education Conference presenter.

Rebecca R. Rosario, NALP, CAM