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Customer service is back in the spotlight! It is proven that service directly impacts the bottom line. Best practices are actively separating the winners from the losers, and it’s time to choose your side. There’s never been a more important time to focus your efforts on creating a strategic service improvement plan that will not just satisfy, but surprise your residents by how well you understand and anticipate their needs! Join our host, Amy Kosnikowski, and zero-in on the areas that really matter the most to our residents and gain real solutions that you can begin putting to work immediately. You and your entire team will: discover and explore the most powerful, proven customer service strategies and techniques; gain solid and ready-to-implement ideas for improving your residents’ overall living experience; understand how even the ‘small things’ have a big impact on your residents’ renewal decisions; and more. This 12-episode season is designed to impact your entire team with:

  • Episodes 1-3 and 11-12 focused on your entire onsite team;
  • Episodes 4-7 focused on your Property Management & Leasing Teams; and
  • Episodes 8-10 focused on your Service Team.

At the end of our 12, 30-minute episodes together, you will have the tools, knowledge, and know-how to achieve a world-class level of service, and exceed resident expectations like never before!

Customer Service & Retention Solutions Details

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  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Length: 12 episodes, 30 minutes each
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Episode Guide:  All Episodes of this series are now available to watch anytime, On Demand!

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Click Here to Purchase Episode One: Customer Service Defined (Focus: The Entire Onsite Team)

This episode will help create a solid foundation and framework for your service and retention plans by first taking a careful look at what great customer service is made of and exemplified by. The key takeaway will be a clear understanding of what customer service really is, and a more solid vision for your customer service and retention goals.

Click Here to Purchase Episode Two: What Residents Want: How To Meet & Exceed Expectations (Focus: The Entire Onsite Team)

You can’t take your service and retention efforts to the next level until you first know where that all-important line is—in your residents’ minds—between good and great. This episode focuses on how to identify and gauge resident needs, wants, and expectations. The key takeaway will be a clear understanding of how to determine your residents wants and needs, and how to take your efforts one step or more beyond.

Click Here to Purchase Episode Three: The Friendly Factor (Focus: The Entire Onsite Team)

Retention is largely about the relationship between you and your residents, and how they perceive you on an emotional level is a big part of that equation. This episode focuses on specific ways that your team and community can make and maintain that connection. The key takeaway will be an understanding of how friendliness matters along with a full set of proven ways to make your Friendly Factor really shine!

Click Here to Purchase Episode Four:  Crystal Clear Communication & Rapid Response (Focus: Property Management & Leasing)

Resident satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) is largely dependent on how quickly we respond to requests, emails, telephone calls, etc.; and responding in ways that residents most want to hear from us. Sometimes it is not only what you say and how you say it, but also the message that is conveyed without speaking. This episode will help you fine-tune your communication timeliness and methods, including eliminating harsh signs, letters, body language, and more. The key takeaway will be enhanced communications skills designed to improve relationships with your residents and increase retention!

Click Here to Purchase Episode Five:  Don’t Just “Deal” with Complaints – Welcome Them! (Focus: Property Management & Leasing)

One of the defining characteristics of a superior customer service culture is that it doesn’t just allow for issues … it invites them. With every challenge is an opportunity to not just succeed but exceed the resident expectations along with growing your team with newfound improvements. The result will be a dynamic environment where resident satisfaction and your team members’ insights and abilities can grow and flourish hand-in-hand, solidifying the relationship and making it stronger as time goes on. That’s what amazing retention is made of; and this episode’s key takeaway is a plan for making that attitude an integral part of your service and retention efforts across the board with a focus on listening skills, empathy, what we can learn from complaints, possible changes needed, and more.

Click Here to Purchase Episode Six:  The Service Hall of Fame: What We Can Learn From Outside The Industry (Focus: Property Management & Leasing)

To stay innovative, it’s important to look for new ideas everywhere, and this episode offers up some amazing ideas, insights, and examples. The key takeaway will be a whole series of great ideas that you can begin implementing now to surprise and delight your customers in new ways!

Click Here to Purchase Episode Seven: Secrets to Successful Events & Winning Ideas (Focus: Property Management & Leasing)

Being the best isn’t just about having a great strategy … it’s about implementing that strategy with the very best possible result! This session is designed to impart a very special set of skills and secrets proven to give each event and idea the best possible shot at success. The key takeaways will be tried and true strategies for building success into your event and idea implementation plans from imagination through implementation.

Click Here to Purchase Episode Eight: The Service Team’s Vital Role in Providing Exceptional Service (Focus: Service Team)

While the need for your Service Team to be technically skilled is undeniable; only the smartest companies and communities understand that the service team must be able to fix and maintain relationships with your residents, too! This episode will help you broaden your perspective of where and how your service team’s performance affects retention. The key takeaway will be a strategy for making them a more integral and effective part of your retention plan.

Click Here to Purchase Episode Nine: The Inside Scoop On Resident Interactions (Focus: Service Team)

When it comes to providing great service to your residents, there’s so much more than meets the eye. This episode will reveal the underlying subtext to every encounter and conversation. The key takeaways will be ideal methods and responses for interacting with residents not just more effectively but more insightfully, opening doors to more remarkable customer service experiences.

Click Here to Purchase Episode Ten: Small Things = Big Impact (Focus: Service Team)

The big issues of customer service have big impact; but then our residents expect us to have those bases covered. But they don’t always expect that we’ll think of the little things; and that makes all those small opportunities amazingly powerful chances to really shine! This episode focuses on ways that we can go the extra mile by doing small things exceptionally well. The key takeaway will be an arsenal of opportunities to create remarkable results.

Click Here to Purchase Episode Eleven:  Top Notch Tips: Techniques To Effectively Serve As A Team (Focus: The Entire Onsite Team)

One of the most successful ways that you can raise your service and retention efforts to the next level is by simply having a unified, team approach. Not only does it create a greater sense of confidence in the team among residents who see the results of everyone being “on the same page,” but it also helps you to better capitalize on strengths among members of your team and bridge gaps, making the whole team more powerful than the sum of its members. This episode will help you spotlight opportunities to better perform as a team, with the key takeaways being a better understanding of your team’s dynamics and how to bring everyone’s focus together into a more customer-service centric approach.

Click Here to Purchase December 6th – Episode Twelve:  Season Finale: How To Wow in Customer Service (Focus: The Entire Onsite Team)

This episode will help you add that special spark to all of the great skills and strategies you’ve learned, bringing your customer service efforts not just into “the now” but that extra step into “The Wow!” The key takeaways will be dozens of new tips, tricks, trends, and techniques for surprising and delighting residents with your ability to not just address but anticipate their wants and needs!

Amy Kosnikowski is a proven leader in sales, leasing, management and marketing real estate assets bringing over 19 years of passion and industry experience. As a nationally recognized expert for her talents and achievements, Amy has served at the executive level with national REIT’s in addition to privately held real estate investment companies. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Amy serves as the principal of Quintessential focused on improving bottom line solutions. Amy’s expertise is frequently highlighted at national conferences, expert panel events and educational seminars. She currently serves as a board member of the National Multifamily Speaker Alliance. Amy gladly shares her extensive experience with associations and organizations across the country as a national speaker, industry educator, marketing strategist and sales coach.  Contact Amy at