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Ask any Community Manager what they feel like they’re responsible for, and they’ll tell you “Everything, everyday!” and this show will help you manage it all—and still have a life! Join Jackie  for this 12-EPISODE, series as she discusses how to make the most of your attitude; motivation; mentoring; working with vendors; handling customer demands; great resident retention plans and programs; smart hiring; how to do more with less; enhancing curb appeal; conflict management and much, much more!

Multifamily TV

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  • Length: 12 episodes, 60 minutes each
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CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 1 BAD Boss = BAD Attitude!

With all that a manager has to do each day, the LAST thing they need is a visit from a “demanding boss” who needs something “now” … and to make matters worse, these visits always seem to come 15 minutes before you have to leave for the day with requests that will take you hours to complete.  Sound familiar? This episode will help you spotlight the behaviors that can lead to attitude issues within your team, and learn to overcome them! Key takeaways will be: a strategy for educating your boss on exactly how YOU can be most effective for THEM; and the ability to take those last-minute requests and turn them into a positive, educational, and fun outcome!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 2 Employee Motivation and Progressive Discipline

Helping your staff to create good goal systems that tie in with your property or company goals and holding them accountable to achieve those goals is key to your property’s success. However, when performance falls short of those expectations, a sound disciplinary approach can make the difference between saving or losing the employee.  This episode introduces new ways to motivate your team, as well as effectively utilizing the concept of progressive discipline and how to apply it to keep your team productive and on-task!  Key takeaways will be: a strategy for creating and nurturing daily individual performance goals to align with company or owner expectations; and the ability to recognize those “danger zones” in an employee’s performance and immediately and quickly turn their actions around.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 3 Mentoring:  Matching the Right People Together – Featuring Special Guests, David Heitzman, Principal Director of Property Management, CK Property Management, LLC and Tracey Heitzman, National Training Specialist, Evolv Real Estate Solutions

Everyone has that certain “somebody” they feel comfortable going to for advice—whether it’s the best place to eat Italian or how to solve a major life decision.  This is especially true in the workplace, where most of us spend the majority of our waking hours, and having a special “go to” person can make our team members more loyal, productive, effective, and satisfied in their careers.  This episode will cover all the key elements of creating and maintaining successful mentor relationships among the members of your team. Key takeaways will be: a strategy for analyzing your team members and their abilities then paring Mentors/Mentees for maximum compatibility, performance, and cooperation; and a proven incentive reward system for both your Mentors and Mentees.

David Heitzman has been the Director of Property Management for various ChrisKen entities. Formerly, Mr. Heitzman has held positions as the Director of Property Management with the Sterling Group, and various other senior management positions with AIMCO and Ambassador Apartments (formerly Prime Residential). Mr. Heitzman was a Senior Vice President and Partner with Assets Protection Group, Inc.

Tracey Heitzman began her multi-family career 14 + years ago as a Leasing Specialist for CLASS. Discovering that she thoroughly enjoyed working in property management, Tracey spent 10 years with CLASS and worked her way up to National Sales Director. With a background that includes working with virtually every type of community and every type of resident profile, Tracey went on to head up the Marketing department for RCS Management and worked as a Regional Marketing Manager for Sawyer Realty Holdings. Her love of training and marketing led her to broaden her horizons for her next gig. Tracey currently leads the training efforts at Evolv Real Estate Solutions, where she develops and presents customized training to the multi-family industry.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 4 Working with Vendors

Most managers don’t necessarily have a great knowledge base or skill set when it comes to maintenance issues, which makes speaking and understanding the language of outside vendors or suppliers somewhat difficult.  This episode will help you understand all the key aspects of the contract process from selecting the best vendor to creating “real world” working boundaries that are mutually beneficial for both your property and their company!  Key takeaways will be: the ability to match the right contractor with the right job; and a strategy for building a strong working relationship while establishing sound and effective boundaries.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 5 Today’s Customer Demands

Today’s consumers know what they want and know what they expect … and they know exactly what to say and do when they feel as though their level of satisfaction isn’t being met! This episode will focus on what today’s customer expects of you, how to avoid dissatisfaction—and if you can’t avoid it, how to deal with it when it occurs; making customer satisfaction work within your budget; building authentic relationships that foster patience and understanding on both sides, and more!  Key takeaways will be:  an understanding of exactly who your resident profile includes and how to anticipate their specific needs and demands; as well as how and where to look outside of our industry for impressive customer service programs with clout.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 6 Resident Retention Programs and Plans

Perceived Value” is a huge piece of the pie when it comes to planning effective resident retention programs. This episode will focus on how to build that value into all that you do and gain increased retention as a result, from asking for input from the residents, to offering things that set you apart from your competition, and more!  Key takeaways will be: a strategy for creating customized retention programs that are specific to the size and style of your property, the size of your staff, and the best media for delivery and the ability to quantify your efforts while rewarding both your team and your residents!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 7 Hiring for Skill (And Not Just for Position)

Are you still hiring based on job descriptions from the 80s, or focusing more on filling the job with a person than finding the person who’s right from the job?  This episode will focus on recreating job responsibilities and descriptions to match specific skill levels, so you can identify applicants who will fulfill—and not just fill-the job!  Key takeaways will be:  solid, proactive plans for finding great, qualified employees before you even need them; behavioral-based interview questions that you can use (as well as the ability to develop your own key questions) to really get to know the applicant; and the ability to define skill-based job requirements that support the abilities of the potential employee as well as the requirements for the position.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 8 Wild Card Day!

Have a great question or challenge for Jackie?  Send it in before this episode for a chance to have your question answered live on the air!  All questions and challenges are welcome—submit yours and get a great answer or solution!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 9 Self-Discipline and Time Management

We all know how it goes … the work expands to fill the day, and it seems that there’s always something or someone else to worry about before you can get down to the business of getting some of your biggest priorities done.  This episode is all about getting things done, including: goal-setting, task-tracking; improving your focus; figuring out what motivates you; the beauty of delegation; and more!  Key takeaways will be: a strategy for developing your ability to just say “NO”; a better-tuned understanding of what you can (and should) measure and manage, and how; and the ability to identify true priorities and structure your workday to more effectively get them done!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 10 Making MORE with LESS (RESCHEDULED FROM JULY 29)

Owners and investors have made tough decisions over the last few years; making budgets more difficult for us to stretch … but with the economy making baby steps toward a positive turn, it’s time to make money again! This episode will focus on ways that we can continue to increase cash flow while still living within the smaller budgets with which we’re faced!  Key takeaways will be: the ability to develop a new approach to budgeting and employ that approach in making smarter daily decisions; and a better understanding of the importance of “buy-in” to creating and executing your budget, and how to obtain it!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 11 Gaining a Market Advantage Through Curb Appeal

Is your curb appeal … well … not very appealing?  Ditch those tattered, saggy banners; empty flagpoles; and dead balloon ribbons flying from bandit sign frames, and get back on the right track!  This episode will teach you how to keep the “front yard” pristine; how to create and use a grid map for maximum curb appeal effectiveness; why who and what company you use really DOES matter, and more!  Key takeaways will be:  great ideas for enhancing your curb appeal that you CAN use, even if you’re held back by restrictive rules and laws; and how to attack with the “grid approach” and achieve superior results every day.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 12 Managing Conflict: a Multigenerational Approach

Occasional conflict in the workplace is a given, but managing it among members of different generations can require special understanding on your part and among the members of your team.  This episode will focus on the real differences between today’s generations; how they play within the day-to-day interaction among team-mates; and how to both apply those insights to conflict resolution, and use them to foster a level of understanding and perception that will prevent conflicts from coming to bear.  Key takeaways will be: knowledge of the differences in how “work ethic” is perceived and defined by the various generations in today’s workforce; a better understanding of how personality preferences play in today’s work environment and their potential to cause (or avoid) conflict; how to harness the power of generational differences, and make them work for—and not against—your team’s success!


Jackie Ramstedt CAM, CAPS, CAS is a nationally renowned Motivational Keynote Speaker, National Trainer, Consultant, and Performance Coach who has more than 27 years experience in the multi-housing industry. She has spoken to thousands of industry professionals on a national level for the National Apartment Association, the Multi Housing World Conference, Multifamily Pro Annual Brainstorming Events, the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), Grace Hill, Inc. Educational Chat Forums, National Affordable Housing conferences, and numerous state and local Associations and management companies throughout the United States and Canada. Jackie is also a member of the prestigious Apartment All Stars Team national tours specializing in customer service, resident retention, leasing and management solutions. Jackie earned her CAM and CAPS designations back to back and her CAS (Certified Apartment Supplier) designation in 2001. Jackie was awarded the “first ever” 2008 Faculty Member of the Year from her local Austin Apartment Association, where she has served on the Board of Directors and Education Committee Chair. Jackie is an accredited instructor teaching all National Apartment Association  designation courses as well as core and MCE courses for the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). Jackie’s is an accomplished author and her articles have been featured in some of the industry’s foremost leading publications. Her impressive clientele listing includes many of the national management and investment corporations in the United States. Her energetic and enthusiastic speaking style makes her seminars exciting with “real world solutions for real world challenges” empowering others to reach their full professional and personal potential through “balance” in their lives. Nothing is more contagious than enthusiasm!