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Running a property is often more than a full-time job … running your onsite team can be a handful, too. Put them together and most Onsite Managers and Assistant Managers find themselves doing double duty more often than they should. The good news is that a few fresh skills and adjustments to your management style can set you—and your team—free from needless friction and on the road to better working relationships, more productive days, and more successful and satisfying careers. This series will show you how in twelve supercharged, management style-enhancing episodes including: a style self-assessment that measures your management style awareness and abilities; the difference between doing the right thing and doing things right; leaders vs. managers; styles of leading and learning; going from good to great; the elements of inspiration; learning to listen and listening to learn; the language of leadership; team-building in the onsite environment; negotiating and problem-solving for teammates; instilling a spirit of innovation in your team culture; and a season finale that will revisit your self-assessment to show how much you’ve learned and grown!

Management: Onsite Style Details

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Click Here to Purchase Episode 1 – Since running a property is more than a full-time job, we sometimes lose track of our core purpose.  In this session you will learn the difference between leadership and management, as well as the true meaning of leadership with takeaway leadership and management characteristics to build on.  Learning the four leadership and learner styles will help you to meet your daily team challenges head on.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 2 – Do you know what makes a great leader?  In today’s business environment, leaders must face many issues and challenges.  How do you meet those challenges and become an agent of change? Learn how to inspire, mentor and coach your team to success.  We will take the self assessment test as a base-line to measure where you currently are in leadership management.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 3 – Wednesday, November 30 – If you want people to listen to you, learn to listen to them!  We will discuss 13 ways to become a better listener.   According to the International Listening Association, we only retain about half of what we hear immediately after we hear it, and only about 20% beyond that. Pretty bad, isn’t it?  Despite the disappointing stats, listening is one of the most important parts of successful communication in leadership.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 4 – Wednesday, December 7 – Are you WIIFM or Against Them? Leaders are team builders, but why a team?  What are the advantages of a team?  What makes a team?  These and other questions are answered with key focus on the responsibilities of motivating people to do things in the best interest of the organization.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 5 – Wednesday, December 14 – Establishing a teamwork culture is a recommended strategy in three steps:  Broadcast, Communicate and reinforce.  We will take a quiz to think through your attitudes toward teamwork.  This is the first step to getting team members to treat each other as customers.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 6 –Wednesday, December 21 – Enhancing your team spirit with promoting a mission that binds the group, fostering interaction and encouraging people to share ideas and yes, HAVING FUN WORKING TOGETHER!

Click Here to Purchase Episode 7 – Wednesday, December 28 – Conflict can consume considerable leadership time.  Learn to have an open forum for discussions and develop approaches to reducing conflict.  Negotiating and problem solving are key to a win-win conflict resolution.  We will take 5 case studies and negotiate solutions.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 8 – Wednesday, January 4 – I hear the word “Empowerment” every day, but what does it really mean?  Empowering people involves a lot more than simply telling them they are empowered.  You must also engage in a variety of empowerment practices you will learn in this session.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 9 – Wednesday, January 11 – Helping others develop their potential is to be a nurturing leader.  We will take a quiz on “Attitudes Toward Helping Others”, and discuss helping your team to grow and develop in terms of skills, knowledge and emotional well-being.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 10 – Wednesday, January 18 – How do we make feedback a joyous experience?  Giving feedback and positive reinforcement is one of a leaders basic tasks.  However, it can also be one of the most difficult for many.  Feedback is necessary for motivating and coaching team members, conducting performance appraisals, administering discipline and being an effective mentor.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 11 – Wednesday, January 25 – Your role as coach and facilitator helps team members grow and improve their job performance by providing suggestions and encouragement.  Learn that coaching is a partnership for achieving results in which both manager and team member play a vital role.

Click Here to Purchase Episode 12 –Wednesday, February 1 – It’s time to revisit the self assessment test to see how much you have grown through the season!  We will review the practical tips discussed through episodes 1 – 11 and discuss people who have inspired us along the way.

MultifamilyprotvTerri L. Euchner has been in the Multihousing industry in Arizona since 1983. Ms. Euchner has held such positions as Portfolio Director for a diverse group of communities including new development, Director of Marketing & Education and Vice President of Operations, as well as business owner. She was also a publisher for a national publication specializing in the marketing and advertising for the apartment industry.

Ms. Euchner attended the Universal Academy for Music in Princeton, New Jersey, where she studied music and visited Europe on vocal tour. This is where she discovered her ability to capture and stimulate an audience. Turning the “arts” into “business arts”, she began her career in property management with the same enthusiasm and passion as she had on stage.

Ms. Euchner put her “arts” to work in 2003 with her own company, becoming a local and national trainer and speaker. She provided training, marketing, branding, focus groups and motivational speaking events. Ms. Euchner has addressed groups and conventions nationwide. In 2005 Ms. Euchner co-founded Sullens & Euchner, a multifamily housing management company in Scottsdale Arizona specializing in apartment fee management, apartment renovation and asset review.

Ms. Euchner currently is the founder of Euchner Performance Enterprises, LLC.  EPE is a business services company helping to maximize the performance of multifamily housing companies and provides national speaking, training and consulting.

Ms. Euchner is also a member of the Arizona Multihousing Association as a member of the Board of Directors, Chair of the Communications Committee and Trainer for the National Apartment Leasing Professional Program. She presently holds an Arizona Real Estate License and is a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management and the National Association of Realtors and has her LIHTC Certification.  Most recently Ms. Euchner was invited into the “Cambridge Who’s Who” Registry and blogs for Multifamily Insider Magazine.

Ms. Euchner enjoys spending time with her family, writing, hiking and traveling. She is currently working on her first fiction novel that aspires to be a successful thriller.