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Trailblazer and industry expert Deb Bronson-McGrath serves as your guide in this ground-breaking series that explores new territory (innovative solutions, refreshing viewpoints) designed to equip busy multifamily professionals with practical instructions, tools, and resources.

Competent, forward-thinking leaders who inspire, model integrity and know how to engage their teams are among the greatest resources available within a successful company. If you are passionate about creating positive change (in yourself, those you lead, and in your company or industry) and you are solutions-oriented, don’t miss the opening season of Trailblazer!

Hectic schedules, information overload, turbulent economic climates, and employee turnover are just a few of the challenges that leaders face while trying to maximize NOI & develop their teams.  This season’s episodes cover key essentials, tips & resources that will serve as a “go-to” guide to help you pave your career roadmap – ensuring you achieve the results you want and your company appreciates.

As an official “trailblazer”, you will be able to pioneer change effectively by referring to a downloadable job aid (map) provided with each episode that includes key take-aways, an easy-to-follow action plan, travel conditions (possible difficulties in various scenarios) and advisable detours (how to rework or revise strategies if needed)!

Trailblazer: Discover True Solutions Details

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  • Length: 6 episodes, 60 minutes each
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REGISTER HERE for Episode 1On Safari: Hunting for Competitive Advantages & Bankable Trends

During the opening episode of Trailblazer, we’ll cover some of the top bankable trends that you can’t afford to miss! This fast-paced excursion will provide you with ways to develop a sustainable competitive advantage within your market.  You’ll discover that one of the best ways to succeed in referral-worthy marketing and customer service initiatives is to identify emerging trends within your own portfolio, and to then target your efforts and stack your resources where positive results are already occurring. You will learn how to strategically link efforts & resources with insightful data related to consumer wants, needs, demographics & psychographics.   

 REGISTER HERE for Episode 2 –   Escaping the Sea of Mediocrity: Engaging your Team, Resolving Conflict & Creating Accountability

Who is responsible for motivating your team? You? No, it’s your job to keep the work environment motivational.  Explore the common issues that cause so many teams to drop anchor and stay afloat within a sea of tepid mediocrity.  Recent polls reflect the discouraging news that over 2/3 of America’s workforce feel disengaged from their work. If you can find a way to employ not just a team member’s hands, but engage their hearts and minds – you will have tapped into an incredibly strong competitive advantage. We’ll discuss how to dial in to what matter’s most to employees, as well as address two common leadership challenges 1) Dealing with difficult personalities and 2) developing team potential versus cultivating dependency (babysitting). We’ll discuss how break free from getting mildly acceptable results and move on to fresh horizons, through fair-minded accountability and potential tapping best practices

REGISTER HERE for Episode 3Navigating the Jungle of Red Tape: Implementing New Ideas Successfully

New initiatives often die on the vine because they become entangled with “red tape”.  We’ll explore the proper sequence of rolling out new programs or policies, beginning with identifying how the change will benefit others, gaining buy-in from key stakeholders who will support the change, beta-testing, learning how to roll-out a change effectively and refining the initiative as needed.

REGISTER HERE for Episode 4Off-the-Chart Leasing (Selling vs. Service Experiences)

Savvy consumers know they have an abundance of options in today’s marketplace and have little time or patience with salespeople who commit deal-breaker errors (such as lacking pertinent answers/knowledge, awkwardly dealing with issues on price, employing high-pressure tactics or offering a boring, lackluster presentation.  This episode is sure to be an eye-opener, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve studied the sales (leasing process) from the customer’s viewpoint.  Don’t miss out!  Learn how to work successfully with today’s renter and how-to deliver referral-worthy service experiences during the leasing process. 

REGISTER HERE for Episode 5 –  Off-the-Chart Training (High Impact-Limited Budgets)

If you have ever been disappointed with post-training results – this episode is for you.  Whether you are responsible for training company-wide or you are a leader who wants to get the best results from training you’ll want to tune in. We’ll discover the pre-training steps that will ensure the maximum return on your investment in performance improvement. For instance, is the lack of performance due to attitude issues or due to undeveloped skills? There are different solutions for different issues. If you determine training is the right solution, there are several other decisions to be made (what learning method will be used, what are the expected outcomes, etc.). You’ll learn a variety of ways to train multi-generational teams and how to improve the transfer of newly acquired knowledge into performance in the workplace, (no matter the size of your training budget!)

REGISTER HERE for Episode 6Boutique, Resort & Comfort Marketing – Lessons from the Hospitality Industry

Forget hype marketing – it turns customers off.  To find marketing strategies that are authentic and on-target with consumer attitudes, we’ll take a close look at the hospitality industry.  For instance, how do you realistically market an aging community in a sub-market with lots of new product?  If you have a resort-like community and/or a pet-friendly property– what high-impact tactics should you use?  You’ll also discover the beauty & benefits of Boutique marketing that will give you ideas on how to carve out a sustainable niche within a competitive marketplace.  No matter your market, the age of your community or the size of your marketing budget, you’ll want to be sure to join us as we conclude the final episode in season one of Trailblazer!


Multifamilypro TVDeb Bronson-McGrath is a trailblazer, gaining a reputation over the past 24 years for innovative work in branding, training, leadership and organizational development in the multifamily industry.  Having served in a variety of roles, regions, and market cycles – Deb has gained experience and practical insights through her work as an employee, business owner, national speaker, author and performance consultant.  Passionate about problem-solving and creating a quality *customer experience (*both internal and external), Deb helps others tap potential and manage outcomes by identifying the source of an issue, exploring possibilities, implementing change strategically and engaging the dynamic power of authentic team work.

Deb has repositioned a $1.6 billion dollar multifamily company’s brand with award-winning results, developed corporate universities from the ground-up, built the industry’s first avatar-based training platform in secondlife for private client usage, has authored over 50 business courses focusing on leadership, sales, marketing, branding, HPI and service, and is a popular speaker at educational conferences (including NAA, Multi-Housing World, Brainstorming, FAA, TAA and corporate client events).

Currently serving as the CEO of Discover True North, LLC – an agency that helps solve problems and increases an organization’s profitablity through consulting, training and creative services – Deb leads a team, presents educational sessions, writes professionally, serves on the Youth Law Center’s Board of Directors (advocates for youth in foster care), is involved in change initatives for the State of Florida and California’s foster care system, and  works daily to be an agent of effective, positive change.

Anything else you should know?  First-born, but child at heart. Competitive at board games, an avid learner, and began working in the multifamily industry as a receptionist at a large apartment community. Greatest position ever? Being a Mom of three. Loves people, travel and endeavors that encourage the heart.