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Marketing is as much an art as it is a science, so it’s important to approach it from both angles; but striking that balance takes a little “MOJO” and that’s what this show is all about! Join Lori Snider for a weekly insider’s look at how to make your company and communities truly outstanding—as in standing out from the crowd—with in-depth discussions on the finer points of your brand image including fonts, design and color; innovative merchandising; the importance of authenticity and how to convey it to your target audience; the latest in website design and functionality; important marketing trends; differentiating yourself from the competition; how to most effectively address your demographic; and much, much more! Each episode will also include the “bright idea of the week” designed to get your creative wheels turning and your MOJO working!

Multifamily MOJO Details

  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Length: 12 episodes, 30 minutes each
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 Recorded Episodes

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CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode One – Premiere The Psychology of Marketing
Marketing is, by definition, psychology applied to business. Customers make purchase decisions based largely on the messages they receive. Are we, as marketers, crafting that message carefully enough? In this episode, we’ll discuss popular retail merchandising techniques that utilize psychology and human behavior to more precisely convey a marketing message to an interested audience.  The key takeaway will be effective strategies that work!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode Two – Wrap It Up With a Bow – The power of packaging
Your community may be more than meets the eye, but customers will meet you with their eyes, first! In this episode, we’ll discuss visual merchandising and service innovations you can create in your clubhouse/model/common area environments. Learn how to use consumer and retail trends to inspire a transformation in your community and your bottom line. The key takeaway will be a strategy for setting your community visually apart from the ‘pack.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode Three – Fonts, and color – Giving the visual personality!
The written word holds power in its appearance as well as its message. In this segment, you’ll learn about the power and impact of typefaces—how different fonts evoke certain moods and the visual impact they have on your marketing. The key takeaway will be an understanding of the role color plays in relation to fonts, and great ways to get your message noticed!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode Four – Ways to Create a Memorable Model
In a sea of sameness, are your models memorable? Learn how to differentiate and create a model that sells your value and best selling points while differentiating yourself from your competitors. The key takeaways will be proven ways to turn the “Ho Hum” into a spicy and memorable marketing tool!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode Five – Copy That!
Copy-writing is one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing. In this segment, you’ll learn how to structure persuasive copy, write headlines that get attention and use words that work with your demographic, not to mention the goldmine that constitutes keyword search. The key takeaway will be a better understanding of how to craft copy for maximum impact.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode Six – They’re In—Now What? Effectively Marketing the Resale
Keeping customers is the number one priority for businesses today. Effectively communicating a resident resale is a challenge not easily employed and measured. How do you gauge true customer satisfaction, and how can multifamily professionals stay in front of every resident? The key takeaway will be a proven, step-by-step strategy to successfully market the resale—and increase resident retention numbers throughout your portfolio.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode SevenInsight 2011 – The Trends That are Now
You won’t want to miss the next two episodes, because we’ll explore and lend insight to trends impacting the areas of marketing, consumer behavior, generations, technology and business. You’ll come away from this session with a whole lot more than a head full of interesting facts; (although the facts are in fact, extremely interesting) you’ll learn and practice taking a trend, giving is a spin and applying it to your own business to gain a competitive advantage.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode Eight – Insight 2011 Part 2 – The Trends That are Now

In part 2, we’ll talk about more trends, how to give them a spin and utilize them in crafting dynamic marketing campaigns!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode Nine – Winning Website Strategy 2011
What’s the word in the world of website development? Joins us for a lively episode all about websites. What works, what doesn’t, what’s important, what isn’t, and what constitutes smart design? This episode will tell you what to do to make your website work for you!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode TenAll Marketing All the Time…See What’s New In the World of Signs, Banners, Graphics
Are your signs doing more than taking up space? In this segment, we’ll discuss the many visual opportunities available and see what innovative companies are doing with signage, graphics and visuals. The key takeaway will be signage strategies that will make you stand out and get noticed.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode Eleven – Buzzwords Authenticity and Transparency – Why and How
You’ve heard how important authenticity and transparency are to your marketing efforts. Now you’ll learn what those buzzwords really mean! The key takeaway will be a strategy for incorporating true authenticity and transparency to your messaging, reputation management and social efforts.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode TwelveMarketing Overload? You Gotta Have a Plan!
It’s great to have options; but it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of marketing opportunities out there today. Join us for an enlightening discussion on how to decide which of the many marketing mediums to employ at your portfolio/properties, based on demographics and product type. The key takeaway will be a plan to “tie it all together” and execute!

Lori Snider is widely regarded as one of the best sales and service trainers in multifamily real estate. A  professional speaker, author and marketing strategist, Lori is a frequent and requested national conference presenter and she is regularly sought  for her keen insight regarding marketing trends. Her enthusiasm, sales skills and imaginative problem solving abilities are contagious, and her creative capabilities can take a company from average to exceptional through strategic, focused initiatives.

Lori’s workshops and keynotes are packed with real life experiences that thousands have related to, and her sense of humor makes sessions fun and interesting.  Lori is a featured speaker at the Multifamily Brainstorming sessions, NAA Conference,  Inman Real Estate Technology Conference, National Association of Homebuilders Conference and Multi Housing World and has been interviewed and authored numerous articles for the multi- family industry, including Multifamily Executive and UNITS magazine.

Lori co-founded Creativity For Rent, a marketing and design firm serving the real estate industry, and has executed marketing strategies for a myriad of product types throughout the country.

Lori resides in the Denver area with her husband Tom and their sons, 16-year-old Jack, 9-year-old Sam and two Australian Shepherds.

Please call 303.517.2006 to reserve a speaking engagement, or email to discuss your marketing needs.