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Live from Marketing Central…Is ~ The Science of Marketing with Tiffany Yelverton! It’s not Sci~Fi…It’s Sci-Fact! You CAN Imagine Greater!

Marketing is equal parts art and science, but it’s important to separate your Si-Fi from your Si-FACT!  Join Tiffany Yelverton and learn how to really wrap your brain around the logic of Apartment Marketing, including how to measure, analyze, strategize, and do the math needed for a successful marketing formula! In 12 fun and fast-paced episodes, you will learn how to:  create marketing and advertising plan diagrams that will allow you to perform like a marketing genius; design a retention plan that builds continued success into every lease; achieve perfection in the sales arena; conduct unforgettable follow-up; boost your technology awareness; understand the resident referral equation; be a target marketing rocket scientist; and more!

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  • Time: 3:00 pm Eastern; 2:00 pm Central; 1:00 pm Mountain; 12:00 Noon Pacific; 11:00 am Alaska; and 9:00 am Hawaii
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  • Level: All
  • Length: 12 episodes, 60 minutes each
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Episode Guide

REGISTER HERE for Episode 3 –  Learn How to Be a Creative Outreach Marketing Genius, Featuring Special Guest, Amanda with ABC Apartment Solutions

It’s not rocket science that Outreach Marketing should be a part of your overall strategy; but real marketing geniuses know that to get the absolute most out of Outreach Marketing, you should have a system in place for just this powerful component. This episode will give you the keys to unlock superior Outreach Marketing success designing a system that’s pre-programmed for remarkable results!


REGISTER HERE for  Back To the Future! … LIVE FROM BRAINSTORMING!   10:30-12:00 Eastern, 9:30-11:00 Central, 8:30-10:00 am Mountain, 7:30-9:00 am Pacific

Join us for this high-octane-fueled trip across the timeline of marketing in our industry, starting with where we’ve been, examining where we are, and ultimately focused on where we’re going next! You’ll walk away with insights that will help you get your next-stage marketing plans and programs down to a SCIENCE, every time!

REGSITER HERE for Episode 5 – Learn How to Be a Creative Resident Retention Genius Featuring Special Guest, Bonnie Tom of Tomboy Tools

The most successful apartment professionals recognize that retention is an extension of the marketing process, and treat the process of keeping valuable residents with at least as much care and attention—if not more—than attracting new residents. This episode will help you conceptualize, organize, strategize, and capitalize on your community’s most marketable characteristics, channeling them into a creative and continuous-flow process of high-octane customer service, appreciation, and attention that will keep your residents renewing!

REGISTER HERE for Episode 6 –  Learn How to Be a Creative Sales Arena Genius Featuring Special Guest, Kendal Smith of Rent-A-Banner

We all know that leasing is fundamentally a sales process, but real geniuses know that we’re selling ourselves and our community continuously in many other aspects of our business, far beyond the signing of the lease!  This episode zooms in on the sales process, giving you an overall roadmap to superior sales success.


REGISTER HERE for Episode 7 –  Learn How To Be a Sales Team Genius Featuring Special Guest, Theresa Lomerski, Feng Shui Metaphysicist and Expert

Understanding the sales process is key to your success; but to truly stand out as a superstar, you need to memorably differentiate yourself from the rest. This episode zeroes in on opportunities to fine-tune your unique sales abilities and create your own distinctive blueprint for not just engaging, but captivating prospects, stimulating the sales process, motivating decision-making, and creating outstanding customer satisfaction with the decision you’re guiding them to make.

REGISTER HERE for Episode 8Learn How To Be a Creative Social Media Genius Featuring Special Guest, Chris Smith with

There are seemingly countless new opportunities available engage, inform, and build relationships with future and current residents, thanks to Social Media; and one of the most challenging aspects of putting these new opportunities to work can be deciding where to start. This episode will help you make sense of the new media landscape; its various elements and what they can do for you; how you can (and should) measure and analyze your results; and put a strategy in place that’s designed to foster existing relationships and build new ones.


REGISTER HERE for Episode 9 –  Learn How to Be a Creative Technology Genius Featuring Special Guest, Cody Smith of

Albert Einstein once said that “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” One of the most effective ways to gain unique attention for your company and community is to not just use technology, but to use it in creative and unexpected ways! Join us and gain a fresh awareness of the many high-tech tools and opportunities available to you, and learn how to put them to work innovatively and imaginatively, and stand out from the crowd!

REGISTER HERE for Episode 10 –  Learn How to Be a Creative Resident Referral Genius

Residents can be one of your most valuable resources when it comes to helping you finding others just like them; but referrals rarely happen without being encouraged and not all referral programs are created equal!  Join us as we examine the equation behind programs that bring in the most amazing referral results!


REGISTER HERE for Episode 11 –  Learn How to Be a Target Market Genius, Featuring Special Guest Renee Caron of Creating Home DOMUS

The most amazingly memorable marketing campaign ever created won’t do a thing for you if it’s not aimed squarely at the right target. This episode is designed to get you focused in the right direction by helping you create a Target Market Format, ensuring that your marketing efforts are designed from the very beginning, with your unique market in mind, to work to their best possible advantage.

REGISTER HERE for Episode 12Learn How To Be a Creative Follow-Up Genius Featuring Special Guest, The LeaseUp Guy, Jordan Sneed

How you handle the first contact with a prospect matters tremendously; but one of the most powerful opportunities to close the sale lies in what happens next. You can be a genius at creative, remarkable, memorable follow-up if you have a plan in place to impress the future resident in ways that no other competing Leasing Professional will. Don’t miss this episode on how to create follow up programs that are designed to work and WOW.

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CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 1 – Learn How to Be a Creative Marketing Genius

Marketing Apartments is Full of Possibilities from Flyers to Print to Internet.  And as it turns out, add Social Media Networks like Facebook, and we now know that there are many distinguished parts of a HUGE Opportunity to Reach Beyond our past Marketing Boundaries.  Key takeaways will include: how marketing works (the mechanics); the birth of an idea; what makes each marketing plan different, and more!

CLICK HERE to Purchase Episode 2 – Friday, September 2, 2011: Learn How to Be a Creative Advertising Genius

One of the things that makes real marketing geniuses stand head-and-shoulders above the rest is that they use planning tools that help them ensure that all their bases are covered. The Advertising Diagram is one of those key tools, and this episode will teach you exactly how to create one and begin diagramming your way to amazing marketing success, now!

MultifamilyproTVTiffany Yelverton is the President of Creative Apartment Marketing, a consulting firm specializing in: Sales and Marketing Evaluations, Competitive Market Studies, Marketing Plans, Front-line Training and enthusiastic Seminars based on tried and true strategies stemming from real multifamily life experience.

Serving the apartment industry for over 20 years, Tiffany enjoys, and readily embraces new challenges with enthusiasm. A marketing and sales strategist, her expertise complements current client cultures by providing solutions to refine existing workflow processes resulting in immediate and tangible results.

Tiffany is a highly sought-after consultant and a dynamic speaker who has trained thousands of multi-family professionals across the country.  Her expertise in assessing a property’s potential has increased the net operating income for numerous properties with her key ingredients of facilitating and training the on-site and supervisor teams with customized  ‘how to’ steps in achieving profitable goals.

She has participated in development, lease up and repositioning for:  mixed use projects, new construction developments, high-rise to garden style properties including conventional, student housing, senior housing, and tax credit property types.

Recognized as a professional speaker, Tiffany has helped train and cultivates the next generation of multifamily professionals, is a featured speaker for the National Apartment Association ‘NAA’ Affiliates, the Institute of Real Estate Management ‘IREM’ Chapters, private owner / company events, as well as cross training for the vendor side of the apartment industry.

Tiffany holds the National Apartment Association’s CAM and CAPS designations, enjoys writing articles for many multifamily and real estate publications, is on the board of directors for the National Multifamily Speakers Alliance, a frequent presenter for online chats, and a speaker/facilitator at Multifamily Pro’s Brainstorming sessions.

Personal message from Tiffany: “I’ve grown up in the multifamily industry and give due credit to the dynamic educational programs targeted for multifamily professionals. I believe that education is a continual process that one should take advantage of at any age and at any rung in his or her career ladder.   My greatest joy is when I captivate, stimulate, and motivate beginners and seasoned professionals through training, shared learning experiences, and strategic planning.    I believe that everything we do in life is a choice and, for me, my choice has always been to be happy in everything that I do!”