Are you looking to enhance your training program, improve your facilitation skills, or gain more knowledge about learning and development in today’s changing workplace?   Join the Grace Hill training experts for a brand new show on MultifamilyproTV titled Let’s Talk Training! Multifamily Best Practices.  In each 45-minute episode of this live TV program, host Jana Muma and other members of the Grace Hill training team will offer the best of both time-tested techniques and cutting-edge trends in the learning and development of your associates.  We’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at the best training practices utilized by your peers at multifamily organizations both large and small, as well as peek beyond multifamily to learn from other industries and workplaces.  Topics range from needs analysis to retaining talent, demonstrating results, gaining management support, and much more.  Expect to be loaded up with innovative ideas and ready-to-implement resources.  These are not re-runs, but premiere debuts of practical, proven techniques!  As the industry leader in multifamily on-line learning, we are happy to bring you these jam-packed episodes, so Let’s Talk Training!

Let’s Talk Training! Multifamily Best Practices Details

  • Dates: Second Wednesday of each month unless otherwise noted below)
  • Time: 2:00 pm Eastern, 1:00 pm Central, 12:00 Noon Mountain, 11:00 am Pacific
  • Register: Let’s Talk Training! Multifamily Best Practices
  • Level: All
  • Length: 6 episodes, 45 minutes each
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Episode Guide

REGISTER HERE for Wednesday, May 14, 2014 – Once Upon a Time

Using Stories in Training to Increase Attention & Retention

Using compelling and thought-provoking stories in training can accelerate learning, grab the learner’s attention and increase retention of information. Storytelling also helps students understand difficult concepts and remember complex information. However, creating these stories can seem like a daunting task, especially for non-writers. Join us for this episode of Let’s Talk Training – Once Upon a Time and learn the power behind using storytelling in training. You will gain tips on how to quickly create and tell great stories and how to successfully integrate them into your training. If you have ever wondered what you can do to make learning stick, then you won’t want to miss this episode.

REGISTER HERE for Wednesday, July 09, 2014 – Top 10 Reasons to Use an LMS (Learning Management System)

Beyond Automated Attendance Management

Learning Management Systems have evolved from simply tracking registrations and managing attendance to powerful tools used to help leverage your training initiatives. Join us for this episode of Let’s Talk Training – Top 10 Reasons to use an LMS to learn how utilizing an LMS can have a positive impact on learning for both you and your employees. Streamlining the training process is only one of the many reasons to incorporate an LMS. Whether you currently use a Learning Management System, plan to incorporate one in the future, or wonder why you should use one, then you won’t want to miss this episode.

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Quickly and Effectively Train New Hires

When you have a new employee, the speed in which you orient and train them is crucial. Not only does this impact their first impression of your company, but effective onboarding ensures that they are quickly acclimated to your culture and are ready for success. Join us for this episode of Let’s Talk Training – Virtual Onboarding Solutions and learn how to utilize virtual environments to quickly onboard new employees. We will discuss how virtual onboarding can lower your training costs, engage new team members, and improve job performance by helping new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become an integral part of the team.

REGISTER HERE for I Taught Them … Now What?

How to Ensure Transfer of Learning Success

Your employees have attended many instructor-led classes, completed e-Learning courses, attended webinars, and much more … but when they get back to their community, are they implementing what they have learned? If you are wondering how to ensure that learning has actually been transferred, please join us for this episode of Let’s Talk Training – I Taught Them … Now What? We will look at why this is an ongoing challenge for trainers and how to incorporate a successful follow-up strategy that involves not only you and the employee, but also most critically, their managers. Don’t miss this episode to learn ways to enable employees to more quickly and effectively apply training on the job.

REGISTER HEREfor Manage Change, Don’t let it Manage YOU!

How to Be an Effective Change Leader

You know that change is inevitable, but how do you face it successfully? Where do you begin and does it ever end? If you are faced with the challenge of managing change, please join us for this episode of Let’s Talk Training – Manage Change, Don’t Let it Manage YOU! And learn how to be an effective change leader. We will look at an 8-step model for managing change and ways to successfully implement these critical components. Whether you’re faced with small changes, large organizational changes, or simply involved in the change process, you won’t want to miss this episode.

REGISTER HERE for Maintenance Training Challenges

Top Challenges and Solutions for Maintenance Training

Do you struggle to keep your maintenance teams trained and motivated? Would you like some fresh ideas to help combat typical issues in maintenance team development? If this sounds familiar, please join us for this episode of Let’s Talk Training – Overcoming Maintenance Training Challenges. This episode is a part of Grace Hill’s Maintenance Appreciation Month. Join us all September for great content and events that celebrate these often unsung heroes in property management. We will share the results from our Maintenance Survey revealing what you and your peers say are the maintenance dilemmas that keep you up at night. Don’t miss this episode; learn solutions and tactics to arm your maintenance teams for success!

REGISTER HERE for Get your Employees on Track!

Designing Employee Development Plans to Improve Performance

Development Plans are essential and provide a road map to success for your employees. Join us for this episode of Let’s Talk Training – Get your Employees on Track and learn how to effectively design development plans to maximize potential. Discover how these plans improve performance and help employees achieve long-term goals. Development Plans can be designed in various ways; for the individual, a position, the entire company and even converted to an internal certification program.  Don’t miss this episode to learn how development plans will benefit your company and get your employees on track, the right track.

REGISTER HERE for Facilitator 101 – The Classroom (Part 3 of 3)

Fundamental Facilitation Skills for Trainers

If you want to sharpen your training skills or get field trainers ready to train quickly then this series is for you!  Join our episode of Let’s Talk Training– Facilitation 101. This three part series will prepare new trainers and refresh seasoned trainers with critical facilitation skills. Part three of this series will focus on the classroom. Learn how to effectively kick off your session, manage the difficult learner, master classroom setup and much more. You will also learn how to effectively get participants back on track when that sidebar conversation gets out of control. If you want to ensure a positive experience for your learners by mastering the skills of managing your classroom, then this episode is for you!

REGISTER HERE for Facilitator 101 – The Learner (Part 2 of 3)

Fundamental Facilitation Skills for Trainers

If you want to sharpen your training skills or get field trainers ready to train quickly then this series is for you!  Join our episode of Let’s Talk Training– Facilitation 101. This three part series will prepare new trainers and refresh seasoned trainers with critical facilitation skills. Part two of this series will focus on the learner including adult learning principles, the importance of varying delivery methods, how learners process information and much more. If you want to gain fundamental knowledge of how people learn and master the skills of a professional trainer, then don’t miss this episode!

REGISTER HERE for Facilitator 101 – The Trainer (Part 1 of 3)

Fundamental Facilitation Skills for Trainers

If you want to sharpen your training skills or get field trainers ready to train quickly then this series is for you!  Join our episode of Let’s Talk Training– Facilitation 101. This three part series will prepare new trainers and refresh seasoned trainers with critical facilitation skills. Part one of this series will focus on the presentation skills including body language, questioning skills, and more. You will also learn how to use audio and visual aids effectively and unique ways to manage nerves and anxiety. If you want to master the skills of training delivery, then don’t miss this episode!

REGISTER HERE for What did you Say?

How to Utilize a Multiple Generation-Based Training Approach to Improve Results

Do all of your associates receive training messages the same way? The answer is no. Different generations need various delivery methods. Join us in this episode of Let’s Talk Training – What did you Say and learn how to engage multiple generations with varied delivery methods. With multiple generations within one workplace, successfully training everyone can seem like an impossible goal.  Don’t miss this episode and discover how to deliver a message that all your associates will hear and change the impossible to possible!

REGISTER HERE for  Close the Gap!

How to Successfully Perform a Skill Gap Analysis

What are the skills you want your associates to have? What are the skills they already have? What are the differences between these two levels? Join us for this episode of Let’s Talk Training – Close the Gap and learn how to successfully perform a skill gap analysis. Discover how utilizing competencies can greatly aid you in this simplified four step process. Don’t miss this episode where you will learn to identify performance deficiencies and quickly implement solutions to close that gap!


Time Management for Trainers

Start the New Year off right by making a resolution to simply ‘get it done’. Facilitating classes takes dedicated and uninterrupted time, but often your job requires you to wear many hats including instructional designer, marketer, problem-solver and more. Struggling to find ways to manage it all?  This episode of Let’s Talk Training will show you how to take control and Get It Done! We’ll move beyond to-do lists and help you put a plan of action in place to successfully manage your time as a trainer.

REGISTER HERE – Training Gone Wild

Join us for this exciting episode of Let’s Talk Training – Training Gone Wild and learn new, unique ways to train your teams. We’ll explore the trends in non-traditional training methods that you can utilize to spice up your training programs and energize your participants. We’ll take a look at new concepts such as the reversed classroom, personalized training, peer pair learning and more WILD ideas in the training jungle.

REGISTER HERE – Lean Learning – Part I (2 part series)

Are budget woes impacting your training tools and techniques? Join us for this episode of Let’s Talk Training – Lean Learning. We’ll discuss solutions that allow you to do more with less while adding value to your training programs. Participants in this episode will also share their thoughts and experiences in a Training Department Survey and are invited back to the second part of this series to discuss the results.  Grab your calculators and tune in to this must watch session of Let’s Talk Training.

REGISTER HERE  – Lean Learning – Part II (2 part series)

Join us for this episode of Let’s Talk Training – Lean Learning and discover the secrets of your peers when it comes to stretching your training dollar. Part II of the Lean Learning series will reveal the preliminary results from the 2012 Multifamily Training Benchmark Survey. We’ll provide you with valuable information and ammunition for the training department budget along with staffing information, department structure, and much, much more. So BYOB (Bring Your Own Budget) and don’t miss your opportunity to get your hands on the incredibly valuable information before we release the official results!

REGISTER HERE  – Standing Room Only!

Market your Training – Boost Enrollment!

Looking for ways to better market your training and boost enrollment? Then this episode of Let’s Talk Training is for you! A strategic marketing plan is essential to the success of any product or service, including your training program. In this episode, you will learn how to apply the well-known “4 P’s of Marketing” to sell your training program to your associates and your executive team! If you want to learn techniques that will not only increase enrollment but also pump up employees and generate excitement, don’t miss this episode! Standing room only please.

REGISTER HERE  Maintenance Team Training and Motivation

Training the maintenance can be a challenge. Lack of hands on facilities, time and various skill levels all contribute to this challenge.  Join us in this episode to and discover new and innovative ways to keep your maintenance teams trained and motivated by using new methods of learning.  We will discuss challenges and benefits of several methods:

  • Online training
  • Hands on training
  • On the job training
  • Training Facilities
  • Videos/podcasts
  • Outsourcing

REGISTER HERE  The Mobile Learning Reality

How to Incorporate Mobile Learning in your Training

Mobile Learning, just a fad or here to stay? Countless apps, numerous smartphones, and pretty much mobile everything confirms it: mobile learning, or m-learning, is here to stay. Your teams are becoming ever more equipped with mobile technologies, so you have a new delivery method at your fingertips.  Join us for this episode of Let’s Talk Training – The Mobile Learning Reality and learn how to take advantage of this opportunity. We will share various ways to incorporate mobile learning into your training plan by starting with small steps that will open the door to the future.

REGISTER HERE On boarding for Success

Effective employee on boarding ensures that new hires feel welcome and prepared in their new positions.  A successful on boarding program will give your new team members the confidence and resources they need to quickly make an impact within the company. Join us in this episode to learn tips and review methods on how to make your on boarding program a success.

REGISTER HERE   Training Trends 2011

If you supervise your company’s learning and development efforts, please join us for Let’s Talk Training! This 45-minute episode will explore the Training Trends both within our industry and beyond.  We will cover the trainer’s new role, content evolution and reveal the top 10 tools for learning. We will also discuss Social Media’s role in training and explore some unique ways to incorporate this into your plan.  One lucky winner will receive a copy of the new book: The Learning & Development Book, By Tricia Emerson & Mary Stewart.

REGISTER HERE  Innovative Icebreakers

Join us in this episode of Let’s Talk Training to learn some new and innovative icebreakers. We will share new ways to incorporate social media into your icebreakers along with various ideas to engage your learners and get your training started off on the right foot!

REGISTER HERE Formal & Informal Mentoring

Join us in this episode of Let’s Talk Training where we will review the value of incorporating a mentoring program.  The differences between a formal and informal program will be discussed. We will also provide numerous tips and resources to assist you implementing or revising a mentoring program that will prove successful for your company.

REGISTER HERE  Effective Webinars

Would you like to learn how to present effective and engaging webinars? Join us in this episode and learn how to make your next webinar a complete success. We will review the do’s and don’ts of online presentations and provide you with many tools, tips, and resources to ensure interactivity.


Join us for the first episode of our three part series on designing, delivering, and proving the value of learning initiatives. You have received a request for training…now what? You must begin by identifying the desired results and then determine what behavior is needed to accomplish them. In this episode, the first of our three part series, we will review the development of any learning event that starts with the end in mind. We will then evaluate the new approach of “working backwards” through the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model in an effort to ensure success as you design any learning event.

REGISTER HERE  Deliver It! Part II

Join us for the second episode of our three part series on designing, delivering, and proving the value of learning initiatives. In this episode, we will review the next steps in the process, which include delivering the learning and beginning the formal evaluation. Delivery and execution of your training program should not only enable participants to learn what they need to know, but also promote a favorable reaction to the program. Initiating ongoing reinforcement, monitoring, analyzing findings, and making revisions will also be discussed.


Join us for the final episode of our three part series on designing, delivering, and proving the value of learning initiatives. In this episode, you will learn how to gather final data and confidently present findings to stakeholders. We will discuss how you can demonstrate to the executive team that your learning initiative successfully contributed to the intended results, therefore proving the positive ROE (Return on Expectations).

REGISTER HERE  Maximize Performance through Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is a powerful tool that reinforces and rewards success.  By recognizing and rewarding behaviors that contribute to success, you will reap the rewards of repeated behavior.  Join us in this episode to learn how to recognize employees effectively through various means of recognition.  We will discuss the value in recognition,  review new and innovative ways to provide immediate recognition as well as share ideas on how to design a formal awards and recognition program.

Multifamily TVJana Muma, Director of Learning & Development
Jana joined Grace Hill as the Director of Learning & Development in May of 2010.  She is responsible for expanding the company’s educational offerings, including web-based courses and our custom Learning Management System (LMS), Vision. Jana previously spent 19 years with a large multifamily firm where she led the national training efforts for associates at more than 140 communities. While serving as Vice President of Learning & Development, Jana’s efforts were recognized by both the American Society of Training and Development’s (ASTD) BEST Award and Training Magazine’s Top 125 as one of the best training departments in the country for three consecutive years. Jana successfully designed, branded and implemented a Learning Management System for tracking and reporting on associates’ educational activities. She started leasing apartments in 1990 and progressed through the ranks to Community Manager.  Moving into the technical training arena, Jana created a Help Desk to support the technical needs and provide training for associates.  In her next adventure, she began overseeing the training efforts nationwide which included technical training and education for all operational and maintenance personnel.  Jana believes in the concept of lifelong learning and exhibits a passionate approach to performance improvement. She advocates leveraging blended learning, including instructor-led seminars, web-based courses and webinars to achieve operational excellence. Jana is a native Texan and lives in the Houston area with her son, daughter, and two dogs.

Multifamily TVKara Rice, Chief Information Officer

Kara  is a founding officer of Grace Hill.  She works with a team of highly creative individuals to create and support the company’s Apartment Management Learning Center and web-based training courses.  Additionally, she oversees their marketing efforts, including collateral, trade shows, podcasts and social media.  Kara has nearly 20 years of experience in property management including on-site roles in leasing, management, and training and development.  She is a frequent presenter at industry conferences, including the National Apartment Association (NAA) Education Conference, Multifamilypro’s Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Sessions, National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) Human Resources Conference, and the Georgia Apartment Association (GAA) Annual Meeting.  Kara holds the designations of Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) and Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS) through the NAA.  Born and raised in the Boston area, Kara now roots for the Red Sox from her home in Boca Raton, FL, where she lives with her husband and three children.


Multifamily TVJoleen Brannigan, Chief Operating Officer
Joleen Brannigan is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for – an online education resource and networking arena for the multifamily housing industry delivering over a quarter of a million property management specific courses annually. She oversees the development, sales and facilitation of training programs for both instructor-led and blended learning programs offered through  Currently based in Orlando, Florida, Joleen began her speaking career with Marriott Corporation.  In 1990, she joined the property management industry as a Leasing Consultant.  During her tenure she served as President of the Southwest Florida Apartment Association and Training/Marketing Manager for a national REIT, overseeing 47 apartment communities in the State of Florida.  Today, Joleen is a published author and speaks for management companies, apartment associations and at national industry events.

MultifamilyproTVJoe Bailey, Founder, CEO
Joe was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia and graduated from Mercer University in 1981. Joe’s career in real estate management has spanned over 25 years and included apartments, hotel property, and resort property, as well as serving as Vice President of Property Management for Merry Land & Investment Company.  In November of 1998, Joe struck out on his own and founded Grace Hill, Inc., where he and his team are proud to be the multifamily industry’s leading provider of associate education.